There’s a Truly Unique Island Home For Sale in Hungary

If you’re looking for a truly unique island home, you might want to check out this newly listed property in Hungary. It’s no a tropical paradise and the water is actually a small pond in the middle of an agricultural area, but at least it’s quiet.

The small house is located straight in the middle of a 120-square-meter man-made pond and apparently includes all modern amenities, including running water, electricity and sewage system. Whoever built it must have been a real fishing enthusiast as the pond is stocked full of different kinds of fish, from carp to bream and even sturgeon. Overall, there is a total of over 10,000 kilograms of fish living in the pond and they come with the house.


The residential building itself  consists of three bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen and bathroom. The place looks great in pictures, but a few people have pointed out that it was mostly flooded all winter, and might be in bad condition now.


The property is currently listed at 235 million Hungarian forints, which sounds scary but only adds up to around $820,000. And considering the uniqueness of the place and the fact that it comes with 14 hectares of farmland, it’s a bargain.




Source: Open House

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