Vietnam Takes On Dubai With the World’s First 24K-Gold-Plated Hotel Exterior and Interior

Globetrotters looking for the world’s most exclusive accommodations will soon be able to add a new line on their list of must-visit  locations – a Hanoi 6-star hotel with a 24K-gold-plated exterior and interior.

After over a decade of development, the Hanoi Golden Lake hotel will be completed by the end of this year. The exterior is already almost one hundreds percent completed, with just the final details left to be added, and the building is already attracting attention because of its unusual decor. This 6-star hotel is completely covered in Japanese-imported ceramic tiles infused with real 24K gold, and according to developers, patrons can expect more shiny gold decor on the inside as well.

The Hanoi Golden Lake isn’t the world’s first ultra-exclusive hotel in the world, or even Hanoi for that matter, but according to Hoa Binh Group, the company behind the project, this is the first hotel in the world to have both the exterior and interior covered in 24K gold. Apart from the gilded exterior, it has a gold-plated lobby, as well as gold-plated furniture, sink, bathtub as well as a series of decorations and accessories covered in 24K gold.

“As tourism has been identified as the spearhead of the local economy, the sector must have unique product to attract visitors. The Hanoi Golden Lake will become a place not to be missed in this sense,” the general director of the Hoa Binh Group told Vietnam Insider.

Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab hotel is famous for its 22K gold-plated elevator & lobby, Emirates Palace in the UAE has a gold-painted ceiling and walls, the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas has gold-infused windows that glistens in the sunlight, but the Hanoi Golden Lake hotel wants to one-up them all by implementing the opulent, gold-based theme both on the outside and the inside.

Despite being development since 2009, the Hanoi Golden Lake hotel only recently started drawing the attention of passers-by, as its gilded exterior made impossible to ignore. For now, all people can do is admire it from the outside, but those who can afford to spend at least $250 per night will be able to check out the interior gold furnishings as well.


Interestingly, a number of apartments in the 25-floor building will also be sold for about $6,500 per square metre. However, owners will not be able to live there permanently, but rent out the apartments through a rental agency to ensure quality consistency.