Filipino “Pixel Art Wizard” Creates Incredible Pixelated Portraits Using Any Medium Imaginable

26-year-old Kel Cruz, an artist from Quezon City, Philippines, is being hailed as a “pixel art wizard”, for his mind-blowing pixelated portraits created with everything from bits of scotch tape and matchsticks, to fingerprints and blood stains.

Cruz, who works as a male nurse, used to create pixelated art the old fashioned way, with a ballpoint pen. But then a rival artist challenged his artistic talent, accusing him that he was using a printer to create his detailed portraits. That inspired him to stop relying so heavily on conventional tools and start exploring unusual mediums. Since then, he has used lipstick, colored tape, rubber stamps, beer and even woven pieces of paper to create some truly awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Cruz’s most controversial medium so far, has been his own blood, which he used to create a portrait of DC Comics’ anti-hero Harley Quinn.

He can produce a standard 4-by-5 feet artwork in 2 or 3 days, and his largest portrait to date measures 16-by-9 feet.

Kel Cruz’s fascinating pixelated portraits have won the artist a legion of fans on online social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and have even attracted the attention of television stations in the Philippines. I wonder how his rival feels about having contributed so much to his success…


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