The Drinkable Masterpieces of a Japanese Anime Latte Artist

If you’re a fan of coffee and Japanese anime, you’re going to love these amazingly detailed latte portraits of famous Japanese cartoon characters. They are the creations of Twitter user, Sugi, who only started doing latte art a year ago.

I’m a big fan of coffee art, whether it’s executed directly on a cup of joe or on a canvas, using the delicious medium as paint, so when I saw these incredible works of anime art I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you guys. If you thought latte hearts and leaves were cool, Sugi’s designs are probably going to blow your mind. The talented Japanese barista only took up coffee art last April, but she is already able to create unbelievable portraits of anime characters like Sailor Moon or Naruto in stunning detail. Using only toothpicks, chocolate syrup for the dark areas and cocktail syrups for the other colors, Sugi hand-draws two-three of her beautiful artworks every day. So far, she has created over 800 latte masterpieces, and posted photos of them on her Twitter page.


Sugi says the secret to making picture-perfect latte art is perseverance and the ambition to see it through no matter how hard it gets. Mistakes are bound to occur, and frequently, but she has managed to hone her artistic skills by looking long at heard at what she did wrong along the way, so she could avoid it the next time around. For anyone looking to become a great coffee artist, Sugi recommends they join the Twitter latte art community, and asking for advice. There are apparently lots of talented folks on there always willing to help.


I’ve posted some of Sugi’s most amazing creations, but there are lots more to check out on her Twitter gallery, so be sure to check it out.












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