Japanese Artist Builds Lightest Life-Size Land Cruiser SUV Ever

Toyota recently teamed up with Japanese artist Masumi Yamaguchi to celebrate the return of the iconic Land Cruiser 70 SUV to the market in a unique way.

SUVs aren’t known for being the lightest of cars, but the one created by Masumi Yamaguchi is probably the lightest ever made. Even though it is a 1:1 model of the legendary Land Cruiser 70, it can easily by lifted by just two people. That’s because this special SUV is actually made of styrofoam parts sculpted and assembled by Yamaguchi. Everything from the body of the car to the windows and the tires is made out of styrofoam and then painted to create the illusion of a real vehicle. The only things that give it away are the reflectionless windows and the unusually matte paint.

Photo: Land Rover Japan

Everything, down to the smallest details, like the threading on the tires, was replicated almost to perfection. The iconic shape of the Land Cruiser 70’s hood, the LED headlights, and even the Toyota emblems were recreated out of styrofoam to such a degree that most people would mistake the model for an actual SUV, at least from a distance.


Masumi Yamaguchi is an accomplished styrofoam sculptor, but this Land Cruiser 70 is definitely one of his most impressive projects yet.

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