Russian Entrepreneurs Turn Old Public Transportation Bus into an Awesome Night-Club on Wheels

Believe it or not, the most happening party club in St. Petersburg is a bus! Well, not just any bus. The Barbus Maxi is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that’s been completely transformed to resemble a nightclub. It is Russia’s largest and most expensive party-bus, complete with a dance floor, lounge, fully stocked bar, and even a toilet.

In its previous life, Barbus was just an old Ikarus 280 public transportation vehicle. A few Russian entrepreneurs decided to give it a new lease of life – they completely took it apart, leaving only the frame intact. Then they proceeded to cover the exterior with a film of black-and-white images of pin-up models and urban landscapes of London and New York. The interiors were designed with a pop-art theme.


The space inside the bus was limited, but the entrepreneurs somehow managed to include all the elements of a regular night-club – professional lighting, leather sofas with high backs, televisions, a smoke machine, air conditioners, and a mirrored ceiling. There’s also a couple of vintage wall phones for a vintage look, and a full DJ mixer. They’ve actually used the tight space quite cleverly – two large refrigerators that hold the drinks are hidden in a carved oak sideboard and a wooden chest.


The Barbus Maxi travels the streets of St. Petersburg every night, picking up its customers along the way and entertaining them until the next stop. That really does sound like a cool way to travel!











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