Dog-o-Matic – The Pet Washing Machine

Smelly-dog-owners around the world, rejoice! The Dog-o-Matic washing machine has arrived.

Invented by Romain Jarry, a 31-year-old Frenchman, the Dog-o-Matic is a pet washing machine that turns your pooch from filthy to fluffy in just 30 minutes. Jarry says his machine proved a real success in his home town of St Max, and he’s now thinking of introducing it to the rest of France, and soon Britain.

He claims the Dog-o-Matic isn’t harmful to animals, as they just sit inside waiting to be washed and dried. I reckon that depends on how used the animals are to water, the puppy in the photos doesn’t seem very calm and comfortable. All the pet-owner has to do is put the dog/cat inside the Dog-o-Matic, set the wash cycle and select the animal’s size.

I have a feeling the Dog-o-Matic will be in a world of trouble once PETA hears about it, those guys don’t joke around when animal cruelty is mentioned

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An Unlikely Duo

Primates and dogs don’t normally get along too well, but Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe, a Blue Tick hound have become best friends.

Their beautiful friendship began when Roscoe followed some of the caretakers at a South Caroline animal shelter through the gates. As soon as she saw him, Suryia ran to him and started playing. Since that day, there’s nothing the two love more than swimming and rolling around together. The friendly orangutan even takes her buddy on his daily walks and occasionally feeds him some of her monkey biscuits. When bored, the two take a ride on Bubbles, a 27-years-old African elephant.

Word of their bizarre but beautiful relationship reached the media and now Suryia and Roscoe will be featured on one of Oprah‘s special shows, called Amazing Animal Friendship. National Geographic also paid them a visit.

Their bond might seem incredible, but if tigers and pigs can be friends, then anything is possible.

Photos by Barry Bland/Barcroft Media

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Donkey Basketball – Cruel Sport or Just Plain Fun?

Invented during the 1930s as a cheap form of recession entertainment, donkey basketball remains a popular sport in midwest America.

Basically, the tow four-player teams have to shoot hoops while riding on the donkeys. The animals often just lay down, crushed by the players’ weight and, in these situations, competitors are allowed to dismount and drag the donkey to the hoop. Donkeys can carry up to 68kg, but many of the donkey basketball players weigh considerably more.

This unusual sport is played mostly in school gyms, by school staff and local celebrities. PETA has denounced donkey basketball as animal cruelty, but the folks in Iowa, where these pics were taken, say they don’t pay much attention to that. ‘We’re just a bunch of good ol’ boys and farmers down here in rural Iowa, so we’re not worried about PETA.’ said Angela Stufflebeam, event organizer.

Before the beginning of a donkey basketball match, an announcement is made, saying the animals are treated humanely. But protesters say the donkeys are starved so they don’t defecate during the match, they are often kicked, pulled by their tails and ears, and get stressed by the chaotic atmosphere.

Donkey basketball has been banned in Portland, Oregon, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but it’s still thriving in Iowa.

I say this is just as bad as riding ponies on thin ice.

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The Talented Showjumping Bunnies.

Sure, rabbits hop all the time, but not many do it over miniature fences, like showjumping horses.

15-year-old Matthew and Thomas Haslam are the proud owners and trainers of some of the smartest pets in Britain. Bubbles and Lilac are two of the twenty rabbits that like to jump over small fences, in the boys’ backyard. These two have shown particular skill and have participated in the Ultimate Pet Show, between the 2nd-4th May.

The two boys suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, a sort of Autism and spending up to seven hours a day, for the last nine years, playing with rabbits has really helped them a greatr deal.






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The Adorable Honduran White Bats

Yes, you read right, some bats really are adorable. The tiny White Bats of Honduras are among the cutest rodents on Earth.

Also known as Ectophylla Alba, the Honduran White Bats are only 37-47mm long and can be found in Central America and The Caribbean. They cut the side veins of the Heliconia plant leaves causing them to fold into a protective tent. The small bats live in colonies of up to six individuals, one mail and a harem of females.

The natural tent protects the White Bats from rain and predators and they only take flight when their home is no longer safe.







Surprise Guest

Imagine you were coming home at the end of hard day at work, only to find a stranger in your house. Not only that, but as you approach the door, he pops out and scares the living sh*t out of you. Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Well now you know how this little bird must have felt.





Cruel Donkey Fight in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is better known for dog fighting, but the new generation is trying to make a change…for the worst, by introducing donkey fighting.

Dog fighting had been forbidden as a sport by the Taliban, but since the American invasion and the fall of the old regime, the cruel sport has returned, drawing huge crowds,l near the capital of Kabul. Unfortunately, the younger generations apparently have no intention of wising-up, instead they’re introducing a new blood-sport, donkey fighting.

These photos, taken near a German armed forces encampment, in Kunduz, show a young boy pitting to poor donkeys into fighting each other, while the other children watch the violence display smiling.  Just like other people watch ouzel fights or horse fights. Read More »

Tiger + Pig = FRIENDSHIP

Sriracha Zoo is already popular for the unlikely friendships that have developed there between tigers and other animals like pigs and dogs.

Over 400 Bengal tigers are on display at Sriracha Zoo, where they make up what is called Happy Families, with pigs and other animals. Mature tigers take naps right next to full-grown pigs,m which they would normally devour without remorse.  Piglets fed by tigresses, and tiger cubs by pig surrogate mothers.

This is not the first example of unlikely friendships we’ve posted on OddityCentral, but it is one of the most amazing. Here are a cat and dog acting all buddy-buddy.







One Dangerous Poney Ride

Note to self: Never take part in a poney race on thin ice. It’s just not the smartest thing to do.

The worst aspect of this predicament is those poneys got a very cold bath they certainly didn’t need on such a cold day. I’m sure it was a pretty funny experience for their human owners, since no one was harmed, but I’d say this qualifies as animal cruelty.






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Bad Panda

Panda Bear takes revenge on human kind by attacking a guy that ventured into his territory at the Zoo.

You can’t really hold it against this fluffy creature. After all mankind almost wiped out the Pandas, although, like many other animals, they did absolutely nothing threatening. I don’t understand how someone can hurt one of the cutest creatures on Earth, for whatever sum of money, but that’s just me.

If you ask me, it’s that idiot’s fault for invading the animal’s territory, otherwise Panda‘s are really harmless beings. Maybe he wanted to put his head in the bear’s mouth, like the croc master.








The Amazing Creature That Is the Silkworm

Silkworms are extraordinary creatures that play a huge economic role in the world of man.

If you didn’t know the silkworm is the only completely domesticated insect in the world, which means it can not survive naturally in the wild.They are bread for their precious cocoon, that is processed into the precious material we know as silk.

Silkworms are only fed mulberry tree leaves, on which they nibble non-stop, day and night. This causes them to grow incredibly fast and start creating their precious cocoon. That is made out of a continuous silk thread between 300m and 900 m long.

Koreans appreciate the silkworm as a delicacy as they are a great source of protein and after they die they become infected with Beauveria bassiana fungus, which is used in Chinese traditional medicine.














Biggest Boar Ever?

I searched for some info about whether this really is the biggest boar ever seen, but I couldn’t find anything conclusive. In any case this is one big animal and I bet boars don’t get much larger than this. But like anything else that lives and breathes, it had to be hunted down and killed by “brave” hunters. After all why let it leave peacefully in its environment when we can cut of his head and place it on our trophy wall? Makes perfect sense to me.




Monkeys at the Spa

Everyone loves relaxing at the spa, even monkeys. The Japanese Macaques of Jigokudani hotsprings in Nagano have become famous for their visits here every winter. they love bathing in the hot water of the volcanic spa. Although they can whithstand temperatures of up-to -15 degrees Celsius thet are most known for the ridiculous amount of time they spend at the spa.








Scarriest Dog Photos Ever?

I remember seeing one of these photos on some random blog a while ago and I remember thinking “man I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the guy that pissed this dog off”. Today, after looking at the rest of the photos I realized the dog wasn’t angry at all, that’s how he expresses himself when he’s playing with his balls. Well, not his balls, balls…you know what I mean and if you don’t, just take a look at the pics below:












Margay – The Tiger Cat

The Margay is a solitary wildcat with some very unique characteristics. Its look alone make it stand-out although it is very solitary people rarely have the chance to see it. The Margay is one of the few animals in the world that can climb trees with their heads facing down, thanks to their very special joints, able to turn up to 180 degrees.

The Margay is on the endangered animals list, but no one really knows how large their population really is  between Mexico and Argentina.Margays don’t take well to humans invading their habitats and sacientists say they are so well adapted to life in trees that they can go their entire lives without touching the ground.

Like all cats, Margay see very well at night and have no problem feeding of birds, reptiles and squirrels, if they can catch them.

Edit: Guys I apologize for the grammar and spelling mistakes but I only do this as a hobby and most of the time I write and post the photos in a hurry. Hope you understand and thanks for stopping by. I posted a link to where I found the photos, it’s a Russian photo site, but I doubt they can take credit for them.













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