SOBEaR – The Responsible Bartender

Are you one of those people that doesn’t know when they’ve had one too many drinks? If the answer is yes, SOBEaR might just become your best friend.

SOBEaR is the most adorable robot bartender in the world. Shaped as a panda teddy-bear for trustworthiness, he can tell you how drunk you are just by “smelling” your breath. The sensor is under his chin and the green, yellow and red LEDs on his chest and belly light up according to how drunk you are. If he feels you’re drunk enough he’ll pour you some juice, from one of his servo-controlled arms.

Of course you can just have SOBEaR hold two alcohol bottles, but what would be the fun in that?

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SOBEaR v02 :: the responsible robot bartender from j saavedra on Vimeo.

Washing-Machine for Humans

It might sound like a futuristic invention, but Sanyo presented its washing-machine for humans way back in 1970.

Officially named Ultrasonic Bath, this human washing machine was introduced as a concept at the 1970 World Expo in Osaka. It was about 2 meters tall and the bather had to use a ladder to get in. After the desired water temperature was set, the 15-minutes-washing process would begin. First a 5-minutes pre-rinse cycle, spraying the baither with jets of hot water. After that the pod-shaped washing-machine filled up with water and a 3-minute massage-bath began. The soothing massage was supposed to stimulate blood circulation while cleaning your body. A 2-minutes rinse process followerd, and finally a 5-minutes drying program, in which warm air blasted the user, while infrared and ultraviolet light killed any remaining bacteria.

Unfortunately the Sanyo Ultrasonic Bath never made it into our homes, but the Japanese company did release HIRB (Human In Roll-lo Bathing), a compact washing machine for humans, used in elderly homes.









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The Real Robocop

T-34, known as robocop, was developed by two Japanese tech firms, Tmsuk Co. and Alacom Co.

This smaller version of the popular 90s robotic super-hero travels with a speed of up to 10km/h and can be controlled by someone who sees real-time images through a cell-phone. The small robot is equipped with motion sensors that detect movement, and can hurl a net to trap the intruders.

The T-34 robocop is an improves on the common security sensors that often trigger false alarms. With the use of the built-in camera, anyone can examine the location from anywhere, via there mobile phones.


El Caminito del Rey

Often shortened to El Camino del Rey, this dangerous walkway has claimed many lives in recent years.

El Caminito del Rey was built in 1901 as a connection between the power plants of Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls. It took four years to finish and in 1905 Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, crossed the walkway for the inauguration, thus giving it its name, The King’s Walkway.

Built along the steep walls of a narrow gorge, in the Malaga region, El Caminito del Rey has deteriorated severely in the last years and after four people died crossing it, in 1999 and 2000, the authorities decided to close it off to tourists. It’s only 1 meter wide and it stands 300 meters above the river floating in the area. Onlly a small part of the walkway has handrails and much of the concrete  walkway has collapsed, leaving only the steel beam that originally held it up.

Despite the efforts to keep tourists away from El Caminito del Rey, many still sneak past security in search of adrenalin-induced thrills. In 2006, the regional government of Andalusia approved a restoration plan of 7 million euro.

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The Netti Pot Nasal Solution

Have you ever tried pouring salt water into your nose? No, not for fun, but to cure a runny nose or treat sinusitis. Most people have never heard about Netti Pot, but this is an ancient and simple Ayurvedic remedy used especially by Yoga practitioners.

The Netti Pot method basically consists of pouring slightly salted water into one of your nostrils and allowing it to clean the sinuses until it comes out your other nostril. It might seem a little awcward at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it.

Check out the video at the bottom to see how Netti Pot works.





The Dream Controling Machine

 Watch a cool video of a cheap, easy-to-make and fully functional dream controlling device that will chase away your every nightmare. It’s, well…everything you ever dreamed of.

The Lucid Dream Machine, gives you the ability to take control of the action in your dreams without waking up, it’s like your awake inside your dreams and fully aware of the fact that your actually dreaming.

The machine works by flashing two red LEDs in your closed eyelids while your sleeping, these make your eyes receive light, and send the information to the brain making it alert but not affecting your sleep, you gain consciousness and wake up in a dream. Once you hit that point you can do whatever you want here are some crazy examples : fly, jump off buildings, skydive, have sex, eat cars, imagination is the limit !

You have free access to the natural reserves of Adrenaline and Melamine which your body holds “people often take heavy drugs like “Methamphetamine” to unlock these magic potions” .



The Incredible Surfing Mice

Mice aren’t the most water-loving creatures in the world, but apparently Australian Shane Wilmott has trained his three little mice not only to love water but also to ride the waves on surf-boards. Shane says this way he has merged his love for surfing and for his three little rodent pets. Make sure you watch the video at the bottom of the post.










Sarah Palin Stripper Contest

Sarah Palin is probably the most popular figure in the US right now, there’s no doubt about that and entrepreneurs are using their image to gain some profit or some serious exposure that will ultimately turn into…profit. After the porn parody Nalin’ Palin, where industry star Lisa Ann played republican VP candidate and the Sarah Palin Halloween costumes that were a big hit, the owner of The Paradise Club, a strip club in Las Vegas, organized a contest for Sarah Palin look-alikes.

The contest attracted Palin look-alike strippers from all over the country and the winner got a $10,000 prize and a trip for 2, at the Washington DC inauguration, whether Palin wins or not. The girls were judged by their appearance and ability to debate.

Some girls really look like Sarah, check out the pics and video to see for yourself:

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Karate Monkey

Not only people want to learn kung-fu and karate. Humans strive to learn the monkey-style kung-fu while monkeys try to learn our karate. It looks like this little monkey is on the right track, it’s even trying our cuisine. Seems only normal, since we eat bananas every day.











The Steel House

Designed by its owner, Robert Bruno, the Steel House is built entirely out of steel and weighs at about 110 tons. That’s a lot of steel, if someone was to sell the house for raw material alone, they’d probably fetch something around $30,000. But that’s just small change for a project that Bruno has worked on for 28 years, ever since he saw a similar sculpture and thought it would be nice to actually walk through something like it.

The interior of this unusual house built in Lubbock, Texas, is also made out of forged steel and it was all made by hand.









Heatherwick Rolling Bridge

When the Heatherwick Rolling Bridge is in its horizontal position, there’s nothing remotely strange about it, just another steel and wood-made bridge in London. But that all changes when it curves up until its two ends touch, to let boats pass. When curled, Heatherwick Bridge resembles an old watermill wheel.

Heatherwick Studio’s Rolling Bridge opens every Friday at noon but if the winds exceed 30 mph, the hidraulics may be unable to handle them, so the bridge doesn’t open.







Crazy Self-Sustainable Chair

Created by Korean artist JooYoun Paek, the self-sustainable chair is a polyethylene-made dress, connected to a pair of special pair of shoes that pump air into the dress, with every step you take. After a short walk, the dress inflates in the back forming a nice “little” chair that makes it possible for you to stop, sit on it and rest for a bit. Depending on the wearer’s weight, the dress deflates allowing him to carry on with his walk.

The self-sustainable dress is an artistic concept that “motivates people to switch between walking and sitting  as a loop behavior on the street”. One couldn’t actually use the self-sustainable chair on a day-to-day basis, it makes you look like you just arrived from another planet.

Here’s a test-drive of the self-sustainable chair in New York:




2008 Red Bull Cliff Diving

On August 23rd, an extraordinary even took place in the German port-city of Hamburg. The world’s top 10 cliff-divers gathered here to demonstrate their abilities and claim the title of 2008 Red Bull Cliff Diving Champion.  The winner of such a competition is not even important, just being able to accomplish such incredible acrobatic feats is remarkable. These people accelerate from 0 to 90 km/h and drop back to 0 in a free fall that only lasts 2.5 seconds.

Just watch the video and be amazed:







Aziz – the controversial pop-star

This is Aziz, one of the most popular singers in Bulgaria. He’s a regular superstar there and even represented his country at the Eurovision song contest in 2006. He’s the weirdest transvestite I’ve seen too, I mean how many bearded transvestites have you seen? I thought the point of becoming a transvestite was to make you look more like the opposite sex, but Aziz here has got it all wrong.

Got nothing against his singing but his appearance just gives me the creeps. I added one of his music videos so you can see him in action.

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The Elephant Painters

I always believed elephants were incredible animals, but I never imagined they could something as extraordinary as painting, hell I have opposable thumbs and I can’t paint like that.

The elephants at the National Elephant Institute in Thailand have a particular skill that others animals and some humans don’t posses, they can actually pick up a brush and paint on a canvas. Thai elephants in particular are born artists, you often see them pick up a stick and start noodling in the dirt, and when properly trained they turn into genuine artists with a brush. Take a look at the photos and video and see for yourselves.