World’s Dirtiest Job

Mike Rowe should give this dirty job a try.

I watch Dirty Jobs as often as I can, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything worse than what this poor guy has to do. At least no without some protective gear. I’m sure the smells of extreme poverty and starvation are a lot worse than the smell of sewers, but i still can’t figure out how he can clean that place up without puking…

These are the photos that make us appreciate our jobs, no matter how lousy we think they are. You think you got it bad, take a look at this guy:







It Came from the Toilet Bowl

Kind of like “They Came from Outter Space’, only this isn’t a movie and IT is a snake.

I remember was a kid I was always a little reluctant to sit on the toilet, thinking that God knows what kind of creature may crawl up the pipes and into my…you know. Needless to say, after seeing these photos, the fears are back, and the relaxing experience of sitting on the crapper will never be the same.

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The Number 23 (Chinese Version)

Remember Jim Carey writing all kinds of mambo-jambo all over the walls of his house, in The Number 23? If you do, this is going to look familiar.

Sure, unless you know Chinese, those symbols make absolutely no sense, but I’m pretty sure this is, or was the house of a very disturbed individual, with a lot of stuff on his mind. Either that or paper is really expensive in China.











Funeral Hearse

Riding in a Harley-Davidson hearse is actually not a bad way to go.

There are many funeral homes that offer services like this, but this particular motorcycle hearse belongs to Clear Creek Coach, a family owned Motorcycle Hearse Service, in Topeka, Kansas. This has to be the perfect way to go for life-long bikers who want to make a stylish exit. The company offers this service because they “geniunely care about providing something special for those wanting to honor their loved ones memory in a unique way. ” Read More »

How Russia Treats Greenpeace

Well Greenpeace is definitely not the most loved organization in Russia.

I don’t know exactly what that adorable human trash can told those guys from the “OMOH“(Russian Police), but one thing is for sure, they didn’t like it. So they decided to throw the poor protester in their van and take him to the gulag (or is it police station these days?), the way police handles peaceful protesters in any other democratic country.

So if you’re a member of Greenpeace and want to raise awareness on pollution and other environment issues, don’t go to Russia. Unless of course you’re going dressed as a Playboy bunny, they love those.







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Inside a Professional Camera

Ever wondered what a professional camera looks like on the inside?

You know how merchants slice watermelons at the market, so you can see they are ripe? I think somebody used the same sales strategy on this professional camera. How else would you explain this oddity, a camera sliced in half. I can think of just one other possibility that makes everything possible, art. The weirder the exhibit, the more successful it is.

If you happen to know why someone would ruin a great camera like that, shre your knowledge with the rest of us.





Modern Amazons in the Ukraine

Amazons don’t just live through legends and myths, they live in the real world.

French explorer Guillaume Herbaut stumbled upon a group of young amazons deep in the Ukrainean forest. They dress in traditional outfits of their people, study martial arts and live together, away from men, just like the ancient female warriors used to do.

The idol of these modern amazons is the Ukrainean prime-minister Iulia Timoshenko.

Just what we guys needed, another group of women who could kick our asses.












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Barbie Got Old

Barbie dolls may be forever young, but the real-life Barbie ages just like every one of us.

The woman you see in the photos is Angelyne, a local pseudo-celebrity in Los Angeles and Hollywood, who compares herself to the famous Barbie. She started gaining notoriety when a series of billboards featuring her started popping up around Los Angeles, in the early 80s. She made an appearence on television, during that time, on an Alan Thicke show, but since then her bilboards got more coverage than she has.

Angelyne drives a pink Corvette with the shortened “ANGLYNE” license plates and has a pink maltese named Buddha. Though it was believed a wealthy husband pays for all the Angelyne billboards around LA, Angelyne, who is single, credits “investors: for financing her advertising.

Angelyne once had a billboard that said “Barbie wishes she were me”. I bet it’s the other way around now.

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Gay Bob – The World’s First Gay Doll

First launched back in 1977 by Harvey Rosenberg, Gay Bob was the first gay doll ever created. Bob was 13 inches tall, had blond hair, a pierced ear and wore a flanel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. Gay Bob was anatomically correct and was created as a cross between Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Bob’s box was shaped like a closet and it came with a catalog from where you could order additional clothing for your gay doll. It created quite a lot of controversy in a time when homosexuality was not as “popular” as it is today.

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A Real Olympics Fan

How far would you go to show how much you like a sports competition? I bet you wouldn’t go nearly as far as this dude, who tattooed his forehead with the 2008 Beijing Olympics logo and most of his body with the Olympic mascots, the Chinese Wall and other Chinese stuff. Now that’s a real Olympics fan if I ever saw one.




A Collection of Hindu Mustaches

Mustaches are very popular in Hindu countries like India and I’m not talking the kind of “childish” mustache Brad Pit recently grew, but serious muffs you can wrap around your fingers. I wonder how these guys drink milk and yoghurt.













Sexy Stormtrooper

At least that’s what I thought when I saw the sexy abs and the boobs in the armour. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the last photo.




Las Vegas Meets Snow

The world is getting weirder and weirder each year. After hail fell in Africa a few months ago, now it snowed in Las Vegas for the first time ever. We’re talking about the Nevada Desert here, snow isn’t supposed to fall in the desert. But, as you can see from the photos the impossible just became possible. I wonder what’s next, the ice cap will start to melt? Oh…wait…









Show Your Kids The Real World

If you’re one of those parents who want to show their offsprings what the real world is like, from an early age, than here are some great Christmas toys for them. Deadly car accidents, riots, train wrecks, man-slaughter, theft and more are all available for your children. Not the kind of present I’d buy my kids, but maybe there are people out there who are interested.

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The Netti Pot Nasal Solution

Have you ever tried pouring salt water into your nose? No, not for fun, but to cure a runny nose or treat sinusitis. Most people have never heard about Netti Pot, but this is an ancient and simple Ayurvedic remedy used especially by Yoga practitioners.

The Netti Pot method basically consists of pouring slightly salted water into one of your nostrils and allowing it to clean the sinuses until it comes out your other nostril. It might seem a little awcward at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it.

Check out the video at the bottom to see how Netti Pot works.