Goat on a Wire

Balancing on a wire is a tough job for a human, let alone for a goat. Still, the animal trainers at a Chinese circus managed to teach this goat how to keep its balance while having a small monkey perform stunts on its head.

And I thought Eskil Ronningsbakken’s balancing stunts were impressive. What this goat does is ten times cooler.

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Charlie the Spider-Cat

Cats are great climbers, that’s not a big secret, but a cat climbing up a 13-foot dry wall? Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

Charlie is a very special seven-year-old cat from Falkirk, Britain, who has the very special skill of climbing buildings. As you’ve probably guessed, this is the talent that got him the very cool nick-name Spider-cat.

Charlie began climbing up to his owner’s flat, on the first floor of an apartment-building, after he got bored of waiting for someone to open the front door of the building, after his daily walk around the bloc. One day he just went to the back of his owner’s home, took a long look at the obstacle in front of him and just jumped up the wall. Using his front paws for grip and his behind paws for leverage, he made it up to the first floor and started miaowing until someone opened the door for him. Since that faithful day, Charlie the Spider-cat has been climbing up the dry-wall on a regular basis.

Check out the incredible video of Charlie doing what he does best, after the photos.

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Amazing Surgery on a Frog

Australian vet performs life-saving operation on a frog.

A female tree frog had been nearly sliced in half by a lawnmower, but a talented vet, with a soft spot for frogs, managed to fix her back to life. Stephen Cutter spent 30 minutes in surgery, stitching the skin on the frog’s back, after it had been ripped by the blades of a lawnmower.

The procedure was very delicate, considering frogs are very sensitive to chemicals used to clean wounds on humans and other animals. But the good doctor managed to rescue the brave amphibian who fought for her life, and is now almost fully recovered.

This is not the first time doctor Cutter has saved a frog, as he confessed he has also operated and saved frogs hit by cars. Victoria, named after the Victa lawnmower that injured her, is now set to be released on the outskirts of Litchfield National Park, and has every chance of living a normal, healthy life. That’s if she doesn’t get in front of a lawnmower again.

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Dog-o-Matic – The Pet Washing Machine

Smelly-dog-owners around the world, rejoice! The Dog-o-Matic washing machine has arrived.

Invented by Romain Jarry, a 31-year-old Frenchman, the Dog-o-Matic is a pet washing machine that turns your pooch from filthy to fluffy in just 30 minutes. Jarry says his machine proved a real success in his home town of St Max, and he’s now thinking of introducing it to the rest of France, and soon Britain.

He claims the Dog-o-Matic isn’t harmful to animals, as they just sit inside waiting to be washed and dried. I reckon that depends on how used the animals are to water, the puppy in the photos doesn’t seem very calm and comfortable. All the pet-owner has to do is put the dog/cat inside the Dog-o-Matic, set the wash cycle and select the animal’s size.

I have a feeling the Dog-o-Matic will be in a world of trouble once PETA hears about it, those guys don’t joke around when animal cruelty is mentioned

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The Husband Hunting Bra

Japanese lingerie maker Triumph seeks to raise awareness to Japan’s failing marriage rate, with its ‘husband-hunting bra‘.

Yes, I know it’s the ugliest bra you’ve ever seen, but don’t worry, you’ll never get to see your girlfriend/wife wearing one, since it will never hit the stores. This bizarre piece of underwear, presented by lingerie model Hiromi Nishiuchi, features a timer between the cups. This represents the wearer’s biological clock, and should be set to count down to the deadline set for marriage. When the woman finds that special someone and is proposed to, she should take the ring and insert it into the slot above the clock. The countdown stops and a wedding march tune begins.

Don’t worry, it’s not like you blow up if you don’t get married until the set time runs out, the husband-hunting bra is just a nice way to pressure you into getting married until it’s too late. Statistics say the age of the average Japanese bride is 28 or over.

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Japanese Pregnant Doll

And I thought pregnant Trash Talkin’ Turleen was disgusting.

The pregnant doll and the models of human fetuses in different stages of development, were very popular items in 19th century Japan. They were part of educational and entertaining sideshows in Edo (present day Tokyo). The pregnant doll was originally created to teach midwives about giving birth, but the sideshows also attracted other people, curious about the human body.

In 1877, a hospital doctor showed off an elaborate set of models depicting various stages of fetal development. It was a big hit.

Source: Geijutsu Shincho Magazine via Pink tentacle

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The Pheromone Ring

Having problems getting a date? Wearing the S Ring on your finger will make all of them go away.

S Ring might not be the prettiest ring you can buy, but it’s definitely a lot more useful than all the accessories in your jewelry-box. This little baby comes with six pheromone-rich scents, three for each sex. You charge the ring with a hypodermic needle, and when you want to draw attention on yourself from the opposite sex, all you have to do is squeeze the sides of the S Ring to release the “love juice“.

I know this sounds like a great way to get laid, but don’t get carried away. Always make sure you use the right scent for the right sex. You don’t want a bunch of guys chasing you around, trying to rape you…do you?

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Donkey Basketball – Cruel Sport or Just Plain Fun?

Invented during the 1930s as a cheap form of recession entertainment, donkey basketball remains a popular sport in midwest America.

Basically, the tow four-player teams have to shoot hoops while riding on the donkeys. The animals often just lay down, crushed by the players’ weight and, in these situations, competitors are allowed to dismount and drag the donkey to the hoop. Donkeys can carry up to 68kg, but many of the donkey basketball players weigh considerably more.

This unusual sport is played mostly in school gyms, by school staff and local celebrities. PETA has denounced donkey basketball as animal cruelty, but the folks in Iowa, where these pics were taken, say they don’t pay much attention to that. ‘We’re just a bunch of good ol’ boys and farmers down here in rural Iowa, so we’re not worried about PETA.’ said Angela Stufflebeam, event organizer.

Before the beginning of a donkey basketball match, an announcement is made, saying the animals are treated humanely. But protesters say the donkeys are starved so they don’t defecate during the match, they are often kicked, pulled by their tails and ears, and get stressed by the chaotic atmosphere.

Donkey basketball has been banned in Portland, Oregon, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but it’s still thriving in Iowa.

I say this is just as bad as riding ponies on thin ice.

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50-year-old Barbie Gets Tattoos

The world’s most popular doll just turned 50 and celebrated her birthday by getting a few trendy tattoos.

Little by little Barbie is turning into Trash Talkin’ Turleen, one of the trashiest dolls ever. Mattel launched the newest Barbie with a tattoo gun and a collection of about 40 temporary tattoos, for girls to apply on their doll. Soon, we’re bound to see piercing Barbie, or pot-smoking Barbie sitting on retailer shelves.




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Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

Following our Whole Chicken in a Can post, we searched I Hate My Message Board blog for more weird “delicacies” and came across what the Consumerist called “the worst food product ever may have been found”.

If you thought the giant canned chicken looked disgusting, the pork brains in milk gravy will have you puking your guts out. According to Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, this food product is very common in American grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean it tastes or smells good. Apparently, the pork brains in milk gravy smell like ground up vienna sausages mixed with cheap, smelly dog-food. For me, that’s enough of a warning to never, ever try this stuff.

If any of you had the guts to eat pork brains in milk gravy, let us know if you liked it.






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2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship

The Germans have done it again. I really thought they were a really serious people, focused only on their work, but it turns out they know how to have fun as well.

After they organized the Ice Swimming Festival in Neuburg, early this year, the Germans strike again with the 2009 Office-Chair Racing Championship. The rather unusual racing competition was held on April 25, in Bad Koening Zell, in western Germany. Competitors raced on a 200-meter-long course, in basic or modded office-chairs.

The Office-Chair Racing Championship was first held in 2008, but it’s already growing in popularity and, who knows, it could become an Olympic sport pretty soon.








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Whole Chicken in a Can

Canned food is definitely one of my favorites, I try to keep as far away from it as I possibly can. I do try some canned tuna every once in a while, but one thing I would never eat out of a can is a Whole chicken.

That’s right folks, people actually can entire chickens. Now, the can says it’s fully cooked but that thing looks anything but cooked. Tracy, over at I Hate My Message Board, actually tried this canned delicacy and, “surprisingly”, she wasn’t very pleased with it.

The photos taken by Tracy, during her gourmet experience, speak for themselves. Have a look:

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Bette Calman – The Yoga Super-Granny

83-years-old Bette Calman is living proof that the ancient art of yoga can do wonders on the human body.

Bette Calman has been practicing and teaching yoga for the last 40 years and, although other people her age can hardly move anymore, she can pool of difficult yoga moves that put teenagers to shame. She can execute the “peacock” a difficult position in which the body is held horizontally, using only the power of the arms,  the “bridge”, “lotus” and can stand on her head with unnatural ease.

Asked when she is going to retire, Calman said

‘You’re never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument.

‘It can stretch and stretch, and get better all the time. Forget age’

Ms Bette Calman teaches up to 11 classes every week, in Williamstown, Australia, teaching others the remarkable effects of yoga.





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Extreme Balancing Acts

29-year-old extreme balancing artist, Eskil Ronningsbakken has to be one of the world’s most amazing performers.

Ronningsbakken has performed the most dangerous balancing acts I’ve ever seen, riding a bike upside down, balancing under a balloon in plain flight and on cliffs thousands of meters high. He says ‘That’s the balance between life and death, and that is where life is.’

His balancing career began when he was only five years old and he saw a yogin serenely balancing. Now he is one of the most famous extreme balancing artists in the world. His next dream is to perform his breathtaking stunts on top of the Burj al Arab Hotel, in Dubai.

Read more on the amazing Eskil Ronningsbakken here.

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Shitty Toilet Paper

It’s not that it’s not soft or anything, but looking at this toilet paper dispenser, in Copenhagen, I just had to use that title.

Very funny and original way to promote this brand of toilet-paper, although I’m sure a lot of people will feel offended and won’t even touch the thing. Which will be a problem in case of a number 2.

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