Not Your Usual Barbie Dolls

How about a redneck or trailer-trash doll for your kids? No? It’s your loss!

I knew the doll-making industry was going downhill ever since that Gay Bob – The World’s First Gay Doll hit toy-store shelves. Trailer trash dolls were first produced in 1998 and their first star doll came out in 2005. Her name was Trash Talkin’ Turleen and it was an instant hit. The doll comes with indispensable redneck accessories like a small pig, red cowboy boots and a sixpack. Turleen admits she’s inbred, and she’s pregnant, so we can only assume she and one of her cousins are closer than they should be.

In 2006 Jerwayne Junior was set loose on the market. He is a true redneck (obviously, dressed as such, always carrying a six-pack with him, and a cigarette in his mouth.

Interested in these redneck dolls? Just go to and find out more about them.






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