Airbnb Is Giving You the Chance to Sleep Surrounded by 35 Full-Grown Sharks

A contest organised by Airbnb is offering three lucky winners the chance to spend a night in the company of full-grown sharks. The winners and their guests will get access to a transparent glass bedroom submerged in the 33-foot deep Paris Aquarium inhabited by 35 sharks.

Interested applicants, who must be 18 years or older and in good health, can apply for the contest through the Airbnb website. “On the 11, 12, and 13 of April, the Paris Aquarium opens its doors for a night of total immersion in a room full of sharks,” the website states. “And not just any room: you will sleep in a circular bed, with a breathtaking view of the world of sharks.” If it’s any reassurance, the unique bedroom was apparently tested for durability in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The unusual event will be hosted by free diver, photographer, and shark enthusiast Fred Buyle, and a marine biologist will provide the winners with an exclusive course on sharks – their mysterious lives and their role in the ocean’s delicate ecosystem.


According to Buyle, “Sharks are really, really misunderstood. People need to understand that sharks are not dangerous, they are only dangerous behaviors with sharks. It’s a great opportunity to show people that you can swim with sharks, you can be with sharks and nothing bad happens, but also that we need to protect the sharks because they are like crucial for the ecosystem. If sharks disappear, we disappear, basically.”

Upon arrival, the winners will first be taken to their room for presentations, followed by dinner at the shark tunnel and a night among the sharks. A twin bed, linens, soap, toilet paper, and shampoo are all included in the package, as well as breakfast the next morning. The stay is completely free, as is the travel arrangement to and from Paris.


Applications must also include a message addressed to the judges. In 50 to 500 characters, applicants must explain why they’re the perfect candidate for the event. The choice of languages include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese. In case of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the word limit is between 50 and 300. Of course, an Airbnb account is a mandatory requirement.

If selected, guests will be forbidden from diving or swimming in the aquarium, and will be required to keep their hands and feet indoors at all times. Selfies are not allowed after dark because sharks are sensitive to light. And although it’s not compulsory, the organisers advise against watching movies like Jaws or Les Dents de la Mer, before checking in.


Photos: Airbnb

Sources: CNN, CNBC

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