Canadian Hot Springs Resort Holds Awesome Hair Freezing Contest

Canada’s Yukon territory is well-known for its wide range of cultural and sporting events that attract tourists from all over the world. Perhaps the most bizarre of these events is the International Hair Freezing contest, held at Takhini Hot Springs every year, in February. As the name suggests, the contest has people enter the springs and just wait for the cold air to freeze their wet hair!

In order to win the $150 prize, all contestants need to do is sink their heads in the hot springs that are at 40 C, and then wait  for the freezing outside air to fix their crazy hairdos in place. At temperatures of under -30 C, hair can freeze in under 60 seconds, creating a stunning effect.


All contestants are awarded complimentary pool passes for their participation. They have until the end of the month to post their photographs with the frozen hair on the venue’s Facebook page. Milena Georgeault and her friends were this year’s winners – they managed to transform their hair into elaborate white noodle-like formations.


The contest is meant to be a fun event that also generates publicity for the unique springs. It does come with a warning, though – don’t try this at home!




Photos: Takhini Hot Springs/Facebook

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