Sweden Opens Fist Klingon Tourist Center in Our Part of the Galaxy

Star Trek Fans looking to brush up on their Klingon lore need not travel to distant worlds or even watch countless hours of their favorite sci-fi series. All they need to do is head to Stockholm, Sweden, where the first Klingon tourist center in Alpha Quadrant recently opened its gates to visitors.

Called “Visit Qo’noS” and hosted by Turteatern, an avant-garde theatre based in the Swedish capital, the world’s first Klingon tourist center is a place where fans of the ruthless alien race can learn about its history, take a virtual tour of their capital, First City, sample staples of Klingon cuisine like Gagh and blood wine, train in the deadly martial art Mok’bara, learn their fascinating language and even interact with actual Klingons.

Photo: Turteatern

“The visitors check in at the reception desk, where they will get some tourist information, such as a visitor map of the Klingon capital First City. They will then be invited into the ceremonial presentation hall. The non-hologram live-act presentation is performed by the four Klingon ambassadors Ban’Shee, Mara, Morath and Klag, all from the House of Duras,” Turteatern’s Theresa Jonasson told The Local.

“The visitors/audience will be introduced to the Klingon culture and customs and acquire lifesaving tips to apply when interacting with Klingons. There will also be a singalong, dancing, Klingon opera, and scenes from the famous Klingon play Romyo je joloywI’ (better known on Earth as Romeo and Juliet), by Shex’pir. The visitors will also get a taste of Klingon martial arts in an authentic battle re-enactment, as well as be invited to try Klingon cuisine such as Gagh and blood wine,” Jonasson added.

Photo: Turteatern

To ensure that the experience of visiting the first Klingon tourist center in Alpha Quadrant meets the experience of even the most die-hard Star Trek fans, the Turteatern teamed up with Klingonska Akademien (The Klingon Academy), an Uppsala-based society that has been studying Klingon culture and language for years. They’ve even put out a Klingon-English dictionary, so if you want to test your Klingon speaking skills, this is probably the best place to do it.

Visit Qo’noS opened last month and will be welcoming Klingon fans until late March.