Ever Heard of a Low-Calorie Diet Whisky? Well, You Have Now

Believe it or not, diet whisky is now a real thing. Which is surprising, because whiskey lovers have always been characterized with a sense of sophistication. It’s rather inconceivable that a person who drinks and enjoys the amber spirit might care for its calorie content.

Nevertheless, the makers of ‘Sinfully Thinn Light Whiskey’ do seem to believe in its potential. The new brand was announced recently and according to news reports, its website previously contained some information about how the unusual beverage was developed in order to keep the calorie count low. Unfortunately, the information on the company website has now been taken down. It only consists of a landing page with a short message about updates in progress.

“THINN Light Whiskey is vacuum distilled in small batches resulting in a low temperature distilled process highlighting the sweetness and smooth wheat finish,” the makers claimed. “From the clean and narrow design of the bottle to the fine and narrow “hearts” cut, empowers THINN to hold to the highest of standards. It is the most desirable and first Light Whiskey to Market.”


“Each batch being carefully developed, perfectly blended, strategically distilled, lightly aged, and conditioned results in: a light, smooth wheat flavor whiskey with mixable ability and character,” they added. Apparently, Thinn Light Whiskey is “handcrafted by master distillers using rare ‘small batch’ methods” that “[provides] consumer with only the best sensory experience possible while keeping calories low.”

The word ‘light’, in the above context, doesn’t seem to exactly point towards less calories. Strictly by definition, light whiskey simply refers to whiskey containing between 80 and 95 percent alcohol by volume. In fact, several brands of light whiskey have been on the market in the 1960s and 1970s.


By using the words ‘Sinfully Thinn’ in the branding, the makers do seem to suggest that their new whiskey is somewhat less calorie-heavy than other brands. But it isn’t clear as to how a distilled spirit like whiskey could even lose its calorific content, because the alcohol itself carries calories. Media reports are questioning how being ‘vacuum distilled’ could affect the calorie content of the liquor, unless the amount of alcohol itself is lowered, like in the Skinnygirl range of cocktails.

“Whiskey is a spirit that’s developed a cult like following,” Aliza Kellerman writes on Vinepair.com. “Whiskey lovers are obsessed with ingredients, technique, and age statements. Part of ordering and enjoying whiskey is drinking in the story behind it, and a diet whiskey has a pretty lame story. A true whiskey lover is never going to want diet whiskey as part of their fitness regimen. Maybe he or she will eliminate some other caloric food, or cut down the number of drinks ordered. But diet whiskey will never be acceptable whiskey.”


The blending method may still be a mystery, but what we do know is that Sinfully Thinn Light Whiskey will be marketed in three different flavors – regular, cinnamon, and blueberry.

Photos: Sinfully Thinn Whiskey

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