Indiana Grocery Stores Let You Pick Your Own Mushrooms

Looking for super-fresh mushrooms? Head on over to a Kroger grocery store in Indiana, where you can pick them yourself.

Instead of selling already picked and packaged button mushrooms, Kroger grocery stores in Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana, give customers the chance to pick them by hand from a compost stand. Sure, you have to get your hands a little dirty, but at least you know they are as fresh as can be.

Photos of the unique pick-you-own stand at Kroger were first posted on Reddit a few months ago, and got mostly positive┬áreactions from users of the popular news sharing website, while some expressed concerns about food waste, since the pictures showed a lot of already picked mushrooms left on the compost stand by picky customers. However, as one user pointed out, there’s really no waste with mushrooms, as the staff can just make new compost out of them and grow new ones.


Photo: Libbie V

The third largest retailer in the US, Kroger has stores all over the country, but so far photos of the pick-your-own-mushrooms stand have only been posted from Indiana locations. I wonder if they’re available anywhere else? Also, does the compost smell? Don’t the spores spread and grow in other areas of the store? So many unanswered questions…


Photo: Imgur


Photo: Jay T. Lennon/Twitter


Photo: Imgur

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