Spreadable Beer Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Drink for Breakfast

Beer lovers, rejoice! The world’s first spreadable beer – ‘Birra Spalmabile’ – is a genius Italian invention that allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage early in the day, completely guilt-free. No one can judge you for indulging in this delectable beer-based breakfast spread – just slather the stuff on your toast and crepes, or stuff it in your pastry.

Made of 40 percent beer, Birra Spalmabile is predominantly sweet to taste. The spread comes in two flavors – one light and delicate, and the other with an intense aroma and stronger taste. Both flavors are available for purchase internationally at $51 for a 280-gram jar.

The product is the result of the ingenious collaboration of chocolatier Pietro Napoleone and Emanuela Laurenzi’s brewery Alta Quota. Through various chemical processes, they managed to thicken the brewery’s Omid dark ale and Greta blond ale to a creamy, smooth consistency.


“We created a cream made of beer by balancing every ingredient we used and also by knowing the reactions by mixing these ingredients,” said commercial manager Francesca Napoleone. “So we’ve created a product which is very smooth and creamy, resulting, as the name itself suggests, in a spreadable beer because it can be spread just like chocolate cream.”


“This is not the first time in Italy and in Europe that someone has tried to make a non-liquid beer, but the experiments carried out have not been successful because the combination of ingredients was not a winner,” added Alta Quota’s Claudio Lorenzini. “We believe that we have found the right formula with the use of high-quality products. For us this is the future.”

The companies revealed that the spread is great as an accompaniment for cheeses and hors d’oeuvres, or as a garnish or stuffing for tarts and cakes. “The pale one couples best with seasoned cheeses,” advised Emanuela. “The other one, which is darker, we couple it with very fresh cheese. We’ve also made cakes with it, and used it instead of marmalade to make a tart.” Looks like there’s finally a product that can give Nutella a run for its money!

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