Aphrodisiac – America’s Hottest Ice Cream Truck

Hot is good even when it comes to ice cream, and Aphrodisiac, a unique Miami ice cream truck that comes with smoking hot spray-painted models is the perfect proof.

As if ice cream wasn’t tasty enough, Miami photographer Justin Price and Costa-Rican model Jacqueline Suzanne thought it would taste even better if served by scantily clad babes. According to Aphrodisiac Ice Cream’s official site, the concept was born late one night, when Justin and Jacqueline were at a Miami club, drunk and craving ice cream. It was 4 in the morning and every place selling the cold creamy delight was closed, and they were thinking it would be great if they had a place that sold ice cream that late, after all they couldn’t be the only drunk people in Miami craving the frosty dessert. But since they both have jobs that require them to travel a lot, Justin said that if they owned an ice cream shop they would be paying rent even when they were out of town, so he suggested an ice cream truck. Jacqueline then figured out that people coming out of clubs at 4 am are drunk and looking to hookup, so why not serve them ice cream with natural aphrodisiac in it, or better yet have scorching hot models serving it. And that, my friends, is how the sexiest ice cream truck in Miami (and probably America) came to be.


The Aphrodisiac Ice Cream Truck, which made its debut on October 27th, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel&Casino, in Hollywood, serves flavors like Chocolate 3sumVanilla Quickie and Aphrodisiac Orgy and somehow manages to keep the ice cream from melting with all those hot models serving it. But I bet their most popular product will be the ice cream body shot that’s eaten right off one of the girls. The owner says “it’s gonna cost ya”, but I’m sure there will be plenty of guys lining up for one of those.


The Aphrodisiac Ice Cream Truck is painted in bright vibrant colors and features two stripping poles on top for the girls to perform on, and the site says it’s great for all kinds of events, from crazy wild parties to family gatherings…




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