Burping Champion Tries to Get Drunk by Chugging 30 Non-Alcoholic Beers in One Hour

Competitive eater Tim Janus wanted to make history by becoming the first person to get legally drunk on non-alcoholic beer. To reach his goal, Tim recently tried to chug 30 cans of non-alcoholic beer in one hour.

People have been asking if it’s possible to become intoxicated by drinking non-alcoholic beer for years. Theoretically, it’s possible, but one would have to consume large quantities of the stuff to make it happen. Tim “Eater X” Janus decided he, as a of the International Federation of Competitive Eating, definitely had the stomach to do it, so in April he contacted the Deadspin website to have the stunt documented by a reputable news outlet. Tim estimated he would have to chug around 30 cans of non-alcoholic beer in under an hour in order to reach the .08 alcohol level to be declared legally drunk. That’s over 2.5 gallons of liquid in a very short amount of time, enough to probably kill an ordinary person. But Tim’s stomach is anything but ordinary, as he has proven during the many competitive eating contests he has won throughout the years.


Lucky for us, Tim was kind enough to record himself trying to get drunk on non-alcoholic beer. As you can see in the video below, he is warmly dressed to withstand the large amount of ice-cold beer he is about to ingest. “I’ll bring a breathalyzer with me, blow into it at the beginning of the hour, and then when the hour is up, I’ll hold up high one final can of beer, chug it, and blow into the breathalyzer to find out if history has been made,” Janus told Deadspin. So, did he make history? Unfortunately, all he made was a big mess. After pouring 28 cans of O’Doul’s beer down his throat, Jim barely managed to record his alcohol level before puking. He only got a .02 reading from his breathalyzer.


So go ahead, fill yourself up with as much non-alcoholic beer as you want, your driver’s license is safe. Just don’t go imitating Tim, drinking that much of anything is dangerous, unless you’re Dickinson Oppong, the human water fountain.

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