Couple Get Married in Cemetery, on Halloween Night

Halloween is not exactly known as a romantic holiday, but for one Albuquerque couple it was the perfect time to tie the knot in a cemetery.

Officials from the Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery admitted they get all kinds of bizarre requests, but this was the first time someone asked them to use the venues for a wedding on Halloween night. Scott Rivera and his girlfriend Kiera love Halloween because “yiu can be totally crazy and no one looks at you strange” so they decided it was the perfect time to have their special wedding. As the sun cast its last rays on the gravestones of the cemetery, the couple made their entrance dressed in custom-made medieval costumes, along with friends and family, who also wore their own Halloween outfits.

Despite the odd setting and timing of the wedding, it was a romantic ceremony that shows it doesn’t really matter where you wed, as long as you have your loved one by your side. “It’s not the kind of place you want to be at night” Kiera said about their fairytale wedding location, but ““For the most part, our friends just loved it. They think it’s awesome, and wish they had the guts to do something like it too.” At least they had plenty of witnesses, although most of them didn’t have a pulse.

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