Groin Ball – Fun to Watch, Painful to Play

Groin Ball is a crazy game that supposedly originated in Japan, is played by men, and obviously involves the hitting of testicles.

Curious to know how the game is played? Well, we’ll tell you. Two teams involved in a game of Groin Ball each consist of two players – a ball thrower and a target player. The target players of each team face each other, holding on to the other’s shoulders. Their feet need to be shoulder-width apart, all through the game. A supply of tennis balls is provided to each of the throwers, who have to hurl them between the legs of the target players, aiming of course, at the groin. The balls hit the ground and then bounce up to smash into the groin of the opposing target player.

The supply of balls is unlimited. As soon as the throwers are done with their share of balls, they can pick up a fresh stock. The target players are allowed to move around and push each other in an attempt to dodge the balls. However, they must not lose arm-to-shoulder contact at any point of time. It’s important to get their leg positioning right at the beginning of the game too, if they are placed too wide apart, the chances of getting hurt are pretty high. Groin Ball is scored like boxing, with points awarded for every hit (2x points for friendly fire) and a match ends after a pre-determined period, or through a KO, defined by one of the four players crumbling and hitting the floor.


We’re not convinced this is an actual sport, since we only managed to find information about it in just a couple of places online, but it definitely sounds crazy enough to appeal to modern-day thrill-seekers.

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