Lonely Japanese Teen Turns Shower Head Creepy Girlfriend

Most DIY projects are fun and interesting, but here’s one that’s downright disturbing – a lonely Japanese kid converted his shower head into a doll that he now claims is his girlfriend. He recently posted step-by-step pictures of his project on the popular Chinese social networking website Weibo, where they went viral almost instantly. Some of the photographs of the ‘girlfriend’ are actually pretty creepy, so viewer discretion is advised.

To create his bizarre mannequin-girlfriend, 19-year-old Kiyuu Oikawa first taped a human mask onto his shower head. He then attached a balloon-stuffed piece of lingerie for the body and made stringy arms out of packing tape and wire. He painted the face pink, threw on a wig, and his girlfriend was pretty much ready.


According to Kiyuu, a quick shower with his girlfriend is a great way to start the day. Some of the photographs show him shampooing as water flows freely out of her mouth, nostrils and eyes. There’s one scene where he’s trying to feed her noodles, and oddly enough, she looks like she’s throwing up.


Although Kiyuu appears quite proud of his girlfriend, I can’t help noticing that she looks like the work of a madman. A lot of commenters on Weibo agree – “The way he drapes her arms over his shoulders when he’s washing his hair is particularly weird,” wrote one user.


Most people agreed that the pictures were going to give them a sleepless night. “I won’t be with my usual horror movie today, check this out instead,” wrote one guy. And there was also a suggestion to make it creepier: “All he needs to do is add some red dye to the water coming out of her mouth to complete the effect.”








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