Man Spends Five Days in the Bathroom to Fight Internet Addiction

Mark Malkoff, a comedian and filmmaker from New York City, decided to spend five days in his tiny bathroom, as a sort of detox from Internet addiction.

Just like many other New-Yorkers, Mark spent most of his day online, browsing and checking his Twitter and Facebook pages, every other minute. He confesses he would sometimes be online from the moment he woke up until he went to sleep, and that interfered with pretty much all other aspects of his life. His addiction got so bad that he would excuse himself just to go to the bathroom and check his online accounts, when going on dates with his wife.

But unlike most people in his situation, the Queens-based comedian decided to do something about it, and since his bathroom was the only place he could think of where he wouldn’t have any distractions or temptation, he set his goal on spending five days in there. It might not seem like such a big deal, but Mark Malkoff‘s bathroom is smaller than an Alcatraz jail cell, and it’s pink…

When he settled in, Mark brought with him a synthesizer, a hot water heater, books, maps, a water purifier, a juicer and even a baseball glove, in case someone wanted to play catch through his small bathroom window. He memorized all the American presidents, learned to locate every country in the world, on a map, read “Gravity’s Rainbow”, learned how to knit, and wrote a love letter to his wife, to keep from getting bored and thinking about the Internet.

Among the problems Mark Malkoff encountered during his five-day stay in the bathroom of his apartment, were the back pains from curling up in the bathtub and wearing earplugs and hiding behind the shower curtain every time his wife had to use the bathroom.

But despite all the hardships, Mark says his 5-day-long Internet detox session was a success. He got used to the slow pace of life and recommends that everyone try it, at least once.

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