Muscular Body Suits Are All the Rage on Chinese eCommerce Platforms

2020 was a rough year for gym-goers, and 2021 isn’t shaping up to be much better in that regard. Luckily, you can now get the hot body you’ve always dreamed, without moving a muscle, thanks to these realistic muscular body suits.

Thanks to silicone body suits like those made by Chinese company Smitizen, you can now look incredibly ripped without even getting off the couch. Complete with realistic looking muscles, bulging veins and anatomically-correct positioning, the muscular body suits create the illusion of a perfectly-toned upper body, especially when worn under a tight shirt. Some even come with fake body hair… Apparently, these ultra-realistic body suits have become increasingly popular on Chinese ecommerce platforms like Taobao and Aliexpress.

Such muscular body suits have been available for consumers for at least two years, but there is no denying that the quality has gotten a lot better lately, with some of the products on offer being almost indistinguishable from the real thing (at least in the photos).

Until not too long ago, this type of body suit was used in movies and TV dramas, to make the actors look more fit than they actually were, but 3D printing and other technological advancements have made them available to the average consumer as well.

Sellers on Taobao are reportedly selling the muscular body suits  790 yuan – 3980 yuan ($120 – $610), depending on size and quality. Some suits cover just the torso, leaving the arms exposed, others cover the entire upper body, while the most advanced ones cover the entire body, making you look like a gym fanatic.

You may think these body suits are wack, and I would agree, but they are definitely better than other forms of cheating, like injecting oil into your muscles to make yourself look buff.

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