SOBEaR – The Responsible Bartender

Are you one of those people that doesn’t know when they’ve had one too many drinks? If the answer is yes, SOBEaR might just become your best friend.

SOBEaR is the most adorable robot bartender in the world. Shaped as a panda teddy-bear for trustworthiness, he can tell you how drunk you are just by “smelling” your breath. The sensor is under his chin and the green, yellow and red LEDs on his chest and belly light up according to how drunk you are. If he feels you’re drunk enough he’ll pour you some juice, from one of his servo-controlled arms.

Of course you can just have SOBEaR hold two alcohol bottles, but what would be the fun in that?

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SOBEaR v02 :: the responsible robot bartender from j saavedra on Vimeo.

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