Sound of Silence CD Sold by Church Proves Big Hit

St Peter’s Church, in East Sussex, England, has found a novel way to found its repairs – selling CDs with the sound of silence recorded inside the 800-year-old house of worship.

Believe it or not, the 30-minute recording featuring only dull sounds like squeaking pews, soft footsteps and the hum of distant traffic proved a hit not only with local parishioners eager to contribute to the repair fund, but also peace and quiet lovers from countries like Germany, Austria and even Ghana. It seems that in this day and age, chill-out music like Buddha Bar just doesn’t cut it anymore. People have such busy and noisy lives they often feel the need for simple silence.  “There are a few noises here and there – if it was total silence people might get bored,” said one East Sussex churchgoer. “Those who have bought it have enjoyed it.”

“We thought the idea of the peaceful silence you get inside the church could be something a bit different. I’m delighted it’s proved so popular. Our church is an 800-year-old sacred space with a wonderful quality of silence,” said Dr Andrew Mayes, the Rev Canon of St Peter’s Church. The sell-out hit “The Sound of Silence” is currently available on CD, which doesn’t have a price. The church thought it best to let people decide its worth and give as much as they like as a donation to the church.


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