South-African Company Offers All Kinds of Services Performed in the Nude

Hiring people to strip at a bachelor’s party has been a long-standing and extremely popular tradition. That’s why this South-African company wants to take it one step, or rather several steps further. Natural Cleaning Co. is “the world’s only all-naked service company.” With a description like that, I’m pretty darn sure they’re never going out of business.

The 1-month-old companywas founded by Jean-Paul Reid, who couldn’t find a decent job as an accountant. Their website is quite interesting, with pictures of the ‘Gorgeous Staff’ and ‘Tempting Services’ that include semi-naked and naked cleaners, lawyers, accountants, computer geeks and handy men. They even let clients customize their own nude service where they can provide their own entertainment request for an hour. The only thing the company does not condone is prostitution, which is a point stressed by Reid. The aim of Natural Cleaning Co. is purely to provide entertainment, he says.

For now, he says he gets about one customer a day, mostly middle-aged white men. The more popular services are cleaning for the men, and handy men services for the ladies. Reid’s employees are mostly part-time; he takes about 20% of the fee and lets them keep the rest. As innovative as the concept sounds, he insists he isn’t making too much money, just enough to make ends meet. I say, just give it some time and it’s bound to catch on.

Source: AFP