The Craziest Hoodie Ever Made

An up-and-coming fashion brand is selling a YuGiOh!-inspired hoodie that lets you become Yugi Muto himself when you zip it all the way up.

“Craziest hoodie ever made” is a very bold claim, but it’s the one Unoriginal Ideas is going with for its first – and so far only – creation, a purple hoodie with the iconic head of Yugi Muto for a hood. Called the “YAMI HOODIE”, the intriguing piece of apparel has been going viral on social media in China and other Asian countries both for its design and its spicy price tag – $190.

The YAMI HOODIE is currently available for pre-order on the Unoriginal Ideas website, but if you feel like spending almost $200 on one, you’d better act fast as the designers claim that only a limited series of 100 hoodies will be made.

The unique hoodie only comes in the color purple, most likely to fit the Yugi Muto theme, is made of cotton and apart from its spiky-hair hood, it also features the iconic character’s golden medallion embroidered with silk. Still, that doesn’t seem worth the price for a lot of people.

“Nobody wearing this fam,” one person commented on Instagram.

“Full zip hoodies goofiest thing ever,” someone else wrote.

Still, the feedback wasn’t all negative.

“Why y’all hating on this man for doing something dope for the community/world??” someone who appreciated the design of the YAMI HOODIE asked.

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