The Uniface Mask – A Simple Alternative to Makeup and Plastic Surgery

What if you never had to waste precious time every day covering your face with layer upon layer of makeup, or even consider plastic surgery enhancements in a never-ending quest to adhere to society-set beauty standards? These are some of the ideas Chinese designer Zhuoying Li is tackling in her new project – the Uniface Mask.

Giant anime eyes, long eyelashes, a high nose bridge, narrow chin and cheeks, these are coveted facial features and they are all available in one simple package, the Uniface mask. The science team behind this unique beauty product has developed “bionic-skin” technology to produce a human-skin-like mask, which is extremely thin and breathable through its pores. With the included “Cell-Blending” glue, which seamlessly binds the mask to human skin, users can put on Uniface and not even feel they’re using it. And if you’re worried about its expressionless doll-like look, don’t be. Made only with FDA G.R.A.S.(generally recognized as safe) materials, Uniface provides the highest level of comfort, allowing you to talk, make facial expressions and even sleep with it on without feeling any difference in your life. If anything, you will have attained ideal beauty without losing countless hours in front of the mirror and wasting hard-earned money on makeup or plastic surgery.


Once applied, Uniface stays on and becomes your everyday face. According to the product site, the glue adheres to human skin and can only be removed at professional clinics, by Uniface experts. If you experience any kind of discomfort or if for any reason you want the mask removed during the first month after purchase, the company’s science team will remove it free of charge. After the trial period has expired, users will need to pay a removal fee of $59. Although Uniface requires commitment, the benefits are well-worth it, and you can even customize your look according to current beauty standards. Washing the mask with oil-based makeup remover will erase the pre-applied makeup, allowing you to create your own with regular powder or liquid cosmetics. Uniface promises to create new masks whenever generally-accepted beauty standards change and offers free mask replacement with each new purchase. So order yours today for the unbeatable price of $399. Your new beautiful life starts now!


Does Uniface sound too good/creepy to be true? That’s because it’s just a design project, although a brilliantly executed one at that. Zhuoying Li, a Chinese graduate of Parsons The New School for Design in New York, created the make-believe mask along with a promotional website full of believable information to “ironically communicate how media has manipulated women’s desire to have the same extreme facial features.” Job well done!









Source: Uniface Mask via RocketNews24

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