Twi-line – A Phone Line for Twilight Fans Struggling to Cope with the Series’ End

One of the biggest film franchises ever made, the Twilight Saga came to an end with the launch of Breaking Dawn – Part 2. It was a celebrated moment by fans of the series, but now that all the hype is gone, many of them are struggling to accept the fact that their favorite blood-suckers won’t be returning to the silver screen. Luckily, now they have Twi-line, a special phone line that helps them relive their favorite Twilight moments.

It must be tough coming to terms with the fact that vampire heartthrob Edward Cullen will never show his pale face again in a Twilight film, although considering the state of the film industry today, a spin-off isn’t out of the question. For now though, the series is officially over, and apparently that’s really painful for a lot of fans. To celebrate the UK launch of the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 DVD, and to comfort Twi-hards, the film’s distributor has set up a special phone line where they can listen to memorable quotes from their favorite characters over and over again. I don’t get what the big deal is, when they could just replay scenes from the movie and also see their heroes speaking those lines, but it seems many fans actually love the idea of hearing vampire Edward, werewolf Jacob Black and their love interest Isabella Swan over the phone.


Photo: Twilight Saga – Official UK Page

“We know it hurts. We feel your pain.The Twilight Saga is complete. Though the story doesn’t have to end. Relive every moment with the ‘Twilight Twi-line’ – the brand new telephone line created especially for you, the fans.Visit the tab now to find out all the details you need to know. Share in the memories…forever.” This was the announcement of Twi-line posted on Facebook, and while some were expecting something more for the launch of the final DVD, most commenters seemed genuinely excited, with Twilight fans from the US and other countries asking for similar services.


Photo: Ambrohexal

Although the distributor announcement clearly states “share in the memories…forever”, the Sunday Express claims Twi-line is only available for the next two weeks. The number is 03300 225 775, and standard landline rates apply. Talk about an original way to milk this series even more, right?

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