Die-Hard Fan Covers Her Body in Twilight-Related Tattoos

Remember Cathy Ward, the woman who made the news back in 2011 for getting a full-back Twilight tattoo honoring the popular vampire movie which had helped her lose weight? Well, the avid fan of the Twilight trilogy didn’t stop there, and now her upper body is almost completely covered with Twilight tattoos.

51-year-old Cathy Ward, from Reading, England, got her first Twilight tattoo as a way to show her appreciation for the movie that helped her lose six dress sizes, in 2008. The supermarket worker says she started watching the movies and reading the books, which provided a distraction from eating. Then she started exercising on her cross trainer while watching the vampire flick, and soon she was back in shape. But the tattoos didn’t stop with the weight loss. After the full-back tattoo featuring Bella, Edward and Jacob, the woman moved on to her arms, which are now covered with portraits of Carlisle Cullen, Jasper Hale and Renesmee Cullen, as well as a quote from Taylor Lautner’s werewolf character, Jacob, from Eclipse: “it would be as easy as breathing with me”. She also has the Cullen crest tattooed across her chest. So far, Cathy has spent around 83 hours and £7,000 ($10,900) on tattoos, and doesn’t plan on stopping until she is covered head to toe in Twilight ink, except for her face and hands.

Photo: GetReading.co.uk

“The tattoos are because it means a lot to me and they’re a good reason to keep the weight off,” Mrs. Ward told English website Get Reading. “I’m still continuing with them. We’ve got plans and designs for my legs next year – the aim is to cover my whole body.” She reckons the desired Twilight body-suit will set her back between £15,000 – £20,000 and will take another three, four years to complete. Apparently, her obsession with the Twilight universe has caused her brother to disown her, but her father still accepts her the way she is, and her husband has gone from complaining about her inking habits to saying “show me” every time she comes back from the tattoo shop.

Photo: GetReading.co.uk

Right now, Cathy is taking a break from tattooing for a few months, to save some money, but apparently she’s “having a blast”, and already has plans for future artworks.

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