14-Year-Old Forced to Give Away His Belongings After Taking Family Car on Joyride

A family from Phoenix, Arizona came up with an original way of punishing their 14-year-old son after he was caught by police speeding in the family car: they made him give away all his possessions.

14-year-old Angel Martinez’s parents were celebrating their anniversary in Las Vegas earlier this month when they received a call from police about their teenage son. He had taken the family’s Range Rover out for a spin and had disrupted the neighbors. The couple were forced to cut their anniversary celebration short and go home, but they made sure to let Angel know just how “happy” they were about it. They pretty much emptied the boy’s room, put all his stuff in the driveway and made him give it all away personally as punishment.

“I just wanted to drive but I don’t have a license so I just took it,” Angel told Fox 10. “I can wash the car, and I was like I don’t have anything to dry it, so I’m gonna take it for one spin until it dries.”

Only this wasn’t the first time he got in trouble in the past few months, so his parents decided he needed to be taught a lesson. They took out everything in his room, including the furniture set, the TV and his clothes, and put it right in the driveway in front of the house. Then they made Angel sit on the bed with a sign that read “Sorry I stole my parent’s car and was speeding”.

“We got back to the house. Today, his room is 100% empty, and we’re giving all his stuff away,” Angel’s father, Ramon, confirmed. “Mostly to apologize. We’re neighbors as well. He could’ve run someone over. Something really bad could’ve happened.”

Since everything in his room must go, Angel will be sleeping either on the floor or on the living room couch for the time being, but at least he claims that he has learned his lesson.


“It’s kind of weird, but I think it’s a fair punishment,” Angel told Fox 10.

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