15-Year-Old Girl Claims People Always Mistake Her Youthful-Looking Father for Her Boyfriend

A 15-year-old Chinese girl and her youthful-looking father have been getting a lot of attention on Asian social media recently because they look more like a romantic couple than father and daughter.

Qi Bao and her 35-year-old father have always been very close, but their relationship has become a bit more complicated recently, because as she grew up, her father seemed to retain his ageless look to the point where her colleagues and teachers started asking her if she had started dating. 35-years-old is not exactly old, but there is still a 20 year difference between the two, although you honestly could not tell from the photos below.

The father-daughter duo from Lanzhou City, in China’s Gansu province have reportedly been posting video content on social media since 2017, as a hobby and a way to bond. They reportedly have thousands of fans who often praise their on-camera chemistry and good looks, but the two became overnight sensations a couple of months ago, after featuring in a Pear Video that highlighted the 35-year-old’s youthful appearance.

In the now viral video that has since been picked up by most major news outlets in China, 15-year-old Qi Bao says that because of her father’s youthful looks and fashion style, they often get mistaken for a romantic couple. Even her schoolmates and her teacher have asked her if she’s dating a college student.

A photo of young Qi Bao as a child posing with her father reveals that the man has always had a “baby face”, and he himself revealed that he doesn’t do anything special to preserve his looks. He just washes his face with soap.

via HK01