52-Year-Old Woman Looks So Young She’s Mistaken for Her Son’s Girlfriend

Pamela Jacobs, a dusky beauty from the UK, doesn’t look a day over 25. But you’ll be shocked to learn that the woman is actually 52, and has a 21 year old son! In fact, she appears so young that she is often offered student rail fares and no one believes her when she reveals her real age.

“Men do comment on my looks and say things like ‘I don’t believe you’ or ‘You must be lying,’” she said. “ I always say, what woman would actually add years on?” Her son is mortified with all the attention she receives though, because people often think she’s his girlfriend. “A while ago, someone my son knows thought I was his girlfriend,” Jacobs laughed. “And some people I know have thought the same in reverse.”

“It’s flattering, but I prefer men of a similar age to me,” she quickly added.


Apart from the mild embarrassments, Jacobs says there are no downsides to looking younger. Once, she was buying a ticket to London and when the cashier asked for her student rail card, she said she didn’t have one. “He then asked if I wanted to apply for one so I had to tell him that I wasn’t a student and what my real age is. He went a bit red,” she recalled.

During a health screening a couple of years ago, the nurse refused to believe that Jacobs was 50, and insisted on verifying her medical records. “She was amazed at how young I looked – and also that I still had a waist,” Jacobs said.


She attributes her youthful appearance to a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and – get this – coconut oil. She also takes good care of herself with a weekly sauna and steam, exfoliates her face every two days, and never leaves the house without sunscreen. But lots of women do all that and more, never managing to look quite as young as Jacobs. It’s probably because she has good genes too. Jacobs admits that her mother and all her siblings look young for their age.

“I’m a big coconut oil lover,” she said. “My mother used it on our hair and skin when we were younger and I’ve carried on. I use Biona Organic Coconut Oil for cooking, in coffee, for removing make-up, for hair treatments and on my body twice a day as a moisturizer.” She also stays away from wheat products such as breads and pasta, because they make her bloated. Jacobs doesn’t even eat fruit because of the high sugar content, but includes everything else in her diet, especially leafy greens.


Being of South Asian origin, a lot of the dishes she prepares at home are Asian, spiced with ginger, cumin and turmeric, which she says are like supplements. Her breakfast consists of a boiled organic egg with gluten free toast, or organic oatcakes and coconut yoghurt with berries and nuts. She finishes the meal off with a glass of coconut water with added liquid iron. For lunch, she eats a big homemade salad with organic spinach, kale, rocket, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, avocado, beansprouts and sauerkraut, with salmon, eggs or chicken for protein. Dinner is equally healthy, and she snacks on handfuls of almonds, or celery with hummus.

Her coffee intake is restricted to once a day. “I follow the 80/20 rule,” she revealed. “80 percent eating well and 20 percent sneaking in the odd pudding, a little alcohol, or organic dark chocolate.” Some of her other health tips include avoiding chemicals, and using pink Himalayan salt in her bath once a week to detox.


Jacobs turns 53 next month, and she says that despite her looks, she is beginning to feel her age. She’s a lot more tired than she used to be, but that doesn’t stop her from attending her weekly body conditioning class. While at the gym, she also uses the sauna and steam room. “I’ll go in the sauna for 10 minutes then have a freezing cold shower until the water stops,” she explained. “I love it – it makes me so feel invigorated and I’m convinced it has helped to tone my skin. Then I will have 10 minutes in the steam and repeat the cold shower.”

Jacobs advocates using higher quality cosmetics that work better and last longer. “I use a little Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Golden, which gives a dewy effect, and By Terry Terribly Densiliss concealer because it contains an eye treatment,” she said. “I love Nars Taos or Orgasm blusher, Sephora black or blue liquid eyeliner and By Terry Growth Booster Mascara which helps lashes grow and doesn’t clump up and a Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow pencil.”


“Then for lips, I like Stila lip gloss in Cranberry, Nars lip glosses and also Lipstick Queen’s coral lipstick. Putting it all on takes about five minutes,” she added.

But the ultimate secret to looking young, according to Jacobs, lies in your attitude. “I think the secret of eternal youth is to smile every day,” she said. “The best thing about looking young is that it makes me feel good and gives me confidence. I’m not perfect and have flaws like everyone else but I am grateful for what I do have.”


Pamela Jacobs is part of an exclusive group of women who seem to be winning their battle with time. She’s definitely in good company with the likes of Masako Mizutani a.k.a Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth, Annette Larkins, a woman in her 70’s who doesn’t look a day over 40, or Jung Da Yeon, a 48-year-old South Korean mother who looks like a fit teenager.

Photos: Pamela Jacobs/Facebook

via Daily Mail

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