70-Year-Old Woman Looks Like She Just Turned 40 Thanks to Vegan Diet and Rainwater

Just yesterday, we wrote about Dr. Life, the man with a 70-year-old’s face and a 20-year-old bodybuilder’s physique. Well, now in the news is another 70-year-old who seems to have found the secret to eternal youth, only hers doesn’t imply using growth hormones and testosterone. Annette Larkins doesn’t look a day over 40, thanks to the diet and lifestyle she maintains. She looks so young that people mistake her to be the daughter, when she’s out with her husband of 54 years, but I suppose he isn’t complaining.

Mrs. Larkins says the secret to her beauty lies in the raw vegan diet, consisting of organic vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts grown in her own garden, she calls the ‘fountain of youth’. The woman doesn’t touch anything that has been cooked. And another strange thing she does is collect rainwater, to keep her garden blossoming, but also to drink. But the resident of Miami-Dade County, Florida, didn’t always have such a healthy lifestyle. In fact, she consumed meat regularly, as her husband used to own a meat factory way back in the 1960s. It was then that she decided to change her eating habits forever. And what a great decision that was. I mean, just  look at her!

When she started off, Mrs. Larkins was just looking for a few health benefits and never anticipated that she would look like a 40-year-old at the age of 70. In the 27 years that she has been eating raw, Mrs. Larkins has written two booklets called Journey to Health and also produced a DVD containing all her healthy secrets. Her husband, Mr. Larkins, wishes he had followed her example, because  now he looks much, much older and also suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. He takes prescription medicine every day, but Annette doesn’t even take an aspirin.

I do know a few people who consume a raw diet, myself, but don’t look as young as this woman. Perhaps she’s also got good genes, or there’s something miraculous in that rainwater she drinks?


Instead of buying all those over-advertised “beauty secrets”sold by cosmetic corporations, maybe we should just take a look at people like Annette Larkins for secrets to a longer, healthier lifestyle. Just my 2 cents…Oh wait, I forgot, we’re looking for quick, easy ways to improve our looks!

If you want to learn more about this incredible woman, be sure to check her official website, www.annettelarkins.com.