Add Some Sparkle to Your Number Two with Glitter-Infused Vitamin Pills

WeAreFeel, a UK-based supplement subscription company has been getting a lot of attention online lately for a bizarre limited-edition multivitamin pill designed to “make your toilet sparkle” when you do a number two.

The sparkly supplement – which costs £11.95 ($14.50) for 30 capsules – contains 18 different vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid, zinc and iron, as well as lots of edible glitter that passes straight into the stool and allegedly makes it sparkle in your toilet bowl. According to WeAreFeel, the glitter, while edible, is not fully digested by the human stomach so you can expect it all to end up in your stool.

“Extensive testing has proven that the glitter is not absorbed by the body, so that toilet-time can really shine,” the WeAreFeel website states. “Gum arabica (acacia gum) is a substance sourced from the sap of various species of the acacia tree and is used often across the food industry, however it is not fully digested by the body, giving the user the desired effect.”

The non-toxic glitter in WeAreFeel multivitamin capsules is made from acacia gum and food colourings and contains no GMO, anti-adherents, lactose or gluten.

“WeAreFeel strives to be a fun innovative brand, with health and wellness at the forefront of what we do. After we discovered a safe edible formula for glitter we couldn’t wait to apply it to our multivitamins!” Boris Hodakel, founder of WeAreFeel, said. “Being healthy and getting all the nutrients you need shouldn’t be dull and boring, hopefully the prospect of having a glittery toilet will encourage more people to get their daily dose of nutrients!”

These wacky glitter-infused multivitamin pills were announced last week, with 50 available boxes being sold on a first-come, first-served basis. As you can imagine, they sold out faster that you could say “poop” and now all we’re left with is a product page with no “Buy” button.

The saddest thing is we don’t even know if they work as advertised, and it’s not like I’m going to ask the lucky few who bought them to send me pictures of their glittery stool… Who knows, if this generates enough interest online, maybe WeAreFeel will at least consider adding glitter pills as a permanent item.