Apple Fans Rejoice – iPhone Dress Now Lets You Wear Your Favorite Smartphone

Israeli-born fashion designer Elie Tahari has created an ‘iPhone Dress’ as a way of paying tribute to Apple’s latest product offering. While the design of the dress is a very basic black silhouette, it is made of a special mesh ‘techno-fabric’ that allows over 50 iPhones to be sewn into it.

The iPhone Dress isn’t exactly what you’d call wearable, but Tahari’s intention was to make a statement about the fusion of fashion and technology, and to honor the iPhone 6. “I’m inspired by the iPhone,” he said. “I’ve always been. The only device I really have is an iPhone.”


Photo: BFA

The unique dress was unveiled during his Spring 2015 presentation earlier this month at the Elie Tahari Vault on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Before the event, a spokesperson for the designer said: “The model will be wearing the dress and circulating throughout the presentation. Since the iPhones are all over the dress, they can capture all angles of the presentation. If you walk up to her you can see yourself on it. It captures what the dress sees.”


Photo: BFA

The spokesperson also added that Tahari was inspired by the vision of Steve Jobs, and his lasting impact on our everyday lives. “They saw that the two things were coinciding, and used it to tie fashion and technology together.”


Photo: BFA

Wearable technology is great but honestly, this dress is a bit of an overkill. Granted, it isn’t meant to be worn, but it isn’t even covered with the iPhone 6 that Tahari claims to honor. Instead, the dress carries the obsolete iPhone 5s. In fashion terms, that is so last season!

Source: Now This News

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