Australian Couple Get Married at Costco Store

Some people dream about getting married on a mountain top, others in a beautiful church with stained glass windows, but not Sue Berkeley. All Sue cared about is that she and her husband-to-be, Eli Bob, tie the knot in a place near and dear to her heart, surrounded by all the things and all the people that make her happy. Which is why the Australian couple decided to hold their ceremony at their local Costco store, in Sydney.

At first, the idea of getting married in a store was purely sarcastic. “We were joking one Friday,” Eli explains in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. “People were asking when were were getting married – so I suggested Costco. I know how much she loves it there.”  

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Love might not be a strong enough word to describe Sue’s feelings towards the superstore, though. She has been shopping there for years – visiting roughly three times a week – and she is always telling people how much they can save by shopping at Costco. So, when she was posed with the idea of holding her special day inside her absolute favorite store, the joke quickly became an actual plan.

“I just love Costco. I’m there a few times a week,” Sue said. “Where else would I want to get married to the person I love, in the place I love, with the people I love around me?”  

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That’s all anyone could ask for in a wedding ceremony, right? Well, that, and Korean barbecue meat – Sue’s favorite food item from the Costco restaurant menu. They stopped serving it a while ago, but brought it back for one day only, just to make the bride’s wedding truly special

In addition to the barbecue, the wedding party menu also included hot dogs, pizzas, and pies. Berkeley’s two sons walked her down one of the stores many isles in a section of the shopping center that was blocked off for the event. Meanwhile, shoppers were allowed to go about their day without interruption, because if anyone understands the importance of a Costco shopping session, it’s Sue.

Photo: 9News

The Costco wedding took place on Sunday, and was as memorable as it was cheap. Sue and Eli were able to save a small fortune on venue costs alone, not to mention the food (only A$10 a head) and drinks (unlimited fountain soda). The free and available parking for all the guests was also a big plus.

Believe it or not, Sue and Eli were not the first couple to tie the knot in a Costco store. An american couple beat them to it, making headlines for their unconventional wedding in 2014, but they were the first ones in Australia, so that’s something.


The supermarket may not be the world’s most romantic place to get married, but you have to admit that it does have its advantages. 

via The Daily Telegraph

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