Become a Babe Magnet at Tel Aviv’s Babe Master School

If you’re looking for answers to questions like “what kind of men are women looking for?”, or if you want to learn how to strike up a conversation with an attractive woman, the Babe Master school in Tel Aviv, Israel, will teach you everything you need to know.

And who better to teach you how to pick up women, than an actual woman, right? Sharon Rubinstein inaugurated the Babe Master school, after her book, “What She Wants”, proved a big hit among Israeli men. Readers kept emailing her with more questions about how to get women interested in them, and she realized the book just wasn’t enough. “It’s like learning swimming from a book! Same idea!” she thought, and made the decision to create a practical course for men who wanted to learn the secrets of becoming babe magnets. Sharon created the Babe Master website, men started applying for her courses, and the rest is history…


According to Rubinstein, most men who apply at the Babe Master school are over 18, with a good education, who have great careers, but are lacking in the romantic relationship department. Courses tackle a variety of topics, from flirting and teasing, charisma, dating, locations for hooking up, to women and money, how to turn a friend into a lover, sex and sexuality, and of course, getting your ex back. Every base is covered at Babe Master, from how to ignore the girl you’re actually trying to get the attention of, to how to walk naturally so not to look stiff and talking to a girl in gradual stages, instead of showering her with words from the start.


Sharon Rubinstein says Babe master works, and the men she’s been trying to turn into experts on women seem to agree with her. Some say they’ve finally begun to understand that it’s not what you say, but how you say it, and that their experience at the school has helped them reach their goals. Some have found love, while other are in the process of finding it, but are confident it’s just a matter of time.


I don’t know if they do classes in English at the Babe Master school, but if they do, and you’re having girl problems, you’re apparently better off attending some of them, than spending your hard-earned money on some lousy e-book that promises to reveal all of women’s secrets.