Blades of Steel – Indian Teen Pulls Cars with His Shoulder Blades

Most people barely manage to pull one car using both their arms, but an Indian teenager can pull two of them using only his unusually strong shoulder blades.

18-year-old Abhishek Choubey, from India’s Madhya Pradesh state, started using his shoulder blades to pull various objects when he was just 8, after noticing that they were of a different shape than those of his friends. At first, he used hooks from the local market, but they didn’t fit very well between his shoulder blades, so, after noticing his unusual talent, his father, Avdesh, designed a special wooden hook for him, as a gift. With it he managed to practice with increasingly heavy objects, until he finally managed to pull a car weighing 2314 lbs for 27.5 meters. Inspired by his success, he decided to challenge himself even more, by pulling two cars, and he succeeded.

“I realised there are many people who can pull heavy vehicles with ears and even hair, but I am the only one who can pull two cars at a time with my shoulder blades,’ Abhishek said. His new goal is to have his achievement acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records.


Abhishek may not have the body of a typical strongman, but his incredibly strong shoulder blades have earned him the nickname of “Steel Blades” and the respect and admiration of his home town. Some of his friends even tried to emulate his feats of strength, but were unsuccessful, and one even suffered injuries and had to see a doctor. “Not everyone can do this,” Abhishek said. “My friend had to see a doctor after he attempted to pull a small chair. It needs a proper exercise. I exercise everyday for at least an hour.”

Both of Abhishek’s parents have been very supportive of him and declare themselves proud to see their son making a name for himself with his bizarre stunts. “I wish that he gets into the Guinness Book of World Records. I am proud of him. I want him to continue his stunts and we also make sure he continues his studies,” his father said. “If he wishes to pull an airplane, we’d always support him. We know it’s not dangerous. We have consulted the doctors as well.”

“My son is making his name and that makes me extremely happy and proud,” his mother added.

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