Chinese Fast-Food Stall Owner Hires Buff Male Model to Flip Burgers, Makes a Killing

While good food might sell itself, there’s nothing like some good ol’ ‘ripped’ charm to boost sales. The owner of a Chinese fast-food stall is using this fact to his advantage. In a brilliant marketing move, he recently employed a muscular male model to flip and sell burgers to his customers. The humble stall has now become a hit with the ladies, sales are through the roof and he’s making a killing!

Wang Meng, who owns a small food stall at a night market in Shenyang city, said that he decided to employ a man known as ‘John’ because of his impressive physique. John doesn’t speak much Chinese, but Meng seems to have made up for that by having John flip hamburgers topless. After all, there’s no language like body-language. Meng said he specifically chose hamburgers because he didn’t really want to challenge his new chef’s culinary skills (or lack thereof).


“I would say that 90 percent of our visitors now buying up the fast food are women,” Meng told local reporters. “I don’t even know how much of them have to eat it, but they certainly spend plenty of time at the counter deciding what it is they want to order.”


“My competitors accuse me of unfair competition and one told me I should get him to keep his shirt on as it was distasteful, but I told them that I felt sorry for poor John, working next to a grill all day long, and explained that he needs to keep cool somehow so I allowed him to work topless.” Yeah, right.




via EastDay

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