Chinese Man Builds Lavish $51,000 Mini-Mansion for Pet Dogs

A dog owner in Eastern China’s Jiangsu province spent the last three years and a whopping 340,000 yuan ($51,156) building a miniature mansion for his 10 pooches.

Mr. Zhou, a 33-year-old businessman who made his money in the crayfish trade, started his pet project in 2019, soon after finishing another, much more modest abode for his dogs. Proud of his achievement at the time, he decided to share a video tour of it on Chinese streaming platform Douyin, hoping to get some positive feedback. However, most of the comments from viewers turned out to be negative, which only motivated the young businessman to start over and this time give the internet and his pets something special. After three years of hard work and hundreds of changes, Zhou finally completed his masterpiece, and this time people were indeed impressed.

While $51,000 may not be nearly enough to buy an actual mansion, when it comes to dog mansions, it actually buys a lot of cool stuff. For example, Mr. Zhou’s mini-mansion features things like air conditioning, a TV set, a water dispenser, a fur drier, an elevator, and even its own toilet.

To keep his four-legged friends entertained, Zhou built a variety of slides and swings, swimming pools, a disco room, an actual Ferris wheel, toy cars and a film projector.

Interestingly, Mr. Zhou said that he initially wanted to built a modest kennel for his pet dogs, but his followers on Douyin started complaining about things, and he ended up making at least 200 changes to his original vision. It all started with someone complaining that the front door didn’t have traditional couplets, and that kicked off a wave of suggestions, including more appliances, and amusement park infrastructure.

By the end of last year, Zhou had already spent about 230,000 yuan ($35,000) on the dogs’ mansion, but he managed to add another 110,000 yuan ($16,000) to the total cost in the last few months, buying another patch of land and turning it into an animal amusement park complete with a mini roller coaster and miniature train for his dogs.

Mr. Zhou’s mini-mansion went viral in China a few days back, and while many were impressed by the effort he put into the project and the love for his dogs, some accused him of being born into money and squandering his family’s fortune on trivial things. However, he pushed back against critics, saying that he is a self-made businessman and spends most of his money on his pets.

“I don’t buy expensive bags or clothes. I just spent my money on my dogs,” the dog owner said.

If you think your pet pooch deserves a mansion but don’t want to build it yourself, you can actually buy made-to-order dog mansions, but they can cost a lot more than $51,000…

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