Chinese Millionaire Becomes Miner to Stop Gambling

Addictions are a life-long struggle for most people. There are very few who manage to successfully kick self-destructive habits for good. 39-year-old Chinese millionaire, Qijang Zhang Yongqiang, is one such person. He was able to get rid of his gambling addiction by taking up a unique hobby – mining.

Zhang is the owner of a couple of supermarkets and a few other properties in China. As a rich person, he had taken to gambling and soon got addicted to it, losing up to 80,000 Yuan ($12,700) on some nights. On one such night, after losing a huge amount of money, he realized that he needed to do something to save himself from destruction. So in 2008, the millionaire decided to put gambling behind him, and took up a job as a miner. Initially, he did it just to keep away from the nasty habit, but soon he fell so much in love with the work that it became his full-time job. His wife and parents are quite supportive and help by operating the supermarkets while he is at work.

Zhang is now a popular local figure, especially among the miners of Fengchun coal mines of Shihao town. His story has been featured in newspapers and people are deeply touched by his perseverance. On a typical workday, Zhang is up at 4am and has breakfast at a hawker stall with his colleagues. An hour later, he reports at work. To reach his workplace, he travels on a 7,500m rail system in a 12-man cart. The journey takes 40 minutes to complete, which is when he takes a quick nap. When he gets back to ground level again, it is 4pm. Initially, Zhang’s coworkers did not know about his fortune, but when his story got out, he earned their respect. He is now considered one of the best workers on his team and a role model to his colleagues.

Zhang is undoubtedly a proud and happy man today. “I have not gambled for three years and this is the best period of my life,” he says. If this doesn’t convince you that money isn’t everything, check out the stories of other unique millionaires like Andrew Hyde or Karl Rabeder.

via China News

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