Chinese Rich Kid Proposes to Girlfriend with Fleet of Luxury Cars

A Chinese kid was in the news recently for flaunting his wealth in one of the most extravagant marriage proposals in recent times. He arranged a fleet of luxury cars in the shape of a heart before asking his high school sweetheart to marry him. The stunt worked its magic and he got a the answer he desired.

According to news reports, the Guangzhou-based entrepreneur who had dropped out of college to found his own company, decided on the bombastic proposal to make sure no one steals his girl away. They have been dating since junior high, but she has just started attending college, so to make sure no one even attempts any moves on her, he proposed preemptively. He rented a fleet of expensive cars and drove them to his girlfriend’s college dorm.


The man apparently lured his girl out of her balcony with the sound of car horns. When she looked out, she was treated to the sight of an impressive car arrangement – 11 luxury vehicles parked to form a giant heart. She then came downstairs, where he was waiting on one knee with a diamond ring in hand. Faced with the big question, the girl said “yes”, but they both agreed to hold the wedding after she graduates. That’s four years from now…


To make sure he got his point across to everyone, the guy also had some friends hold up banners that read “Please go away! This is my woman” during the proposal The couple were later photographed kissing in front of the banners.


Speaking of lavish proposals, remember this Chinese guy who popped the question with a dress made of 9,999 red roses? But the reigning king of extravagant gestures has got to be this guy who proposed with 999 roses made of banknotes!


via Shanghaiist

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