Chinese Woman Had No Idea That “Boyfriend” of More Than a Year Was Actually a Woman Too

A Chinese divorced mother-of-one was left shocked and devastated after her live-in boyfriend of more than a year vanished without a trace. What she uncovered a short time later stunned her even more – her “boyfriend” was, in fact, a woman in disguise.

Wang Qi, 41, from the Zhejiang Province of China, had met the younger “man,” surname Qian, online in 2016. Although they hit it off, Wang initially resisted Qian’s advances, explaining that they would not be compatible because he was too young for her and she was divorced with a child. Qian would not be dissuaded, however, and by June of 2016, the two were officially dating. By 2017 the pair had moved in together, and Qian had even brought Wang to “his” home city of Haikou to introduce her to his parents. Qian insisted that although they could be affectionate and sleep in the same bed, that they should hold off on intercourse until they married.

Their blossoming relationship came to an abrupt halt six months later, in November 2017 when Qian suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. Wang couldn’t reach him via phone, and he changed his WeChat username, leading Wang to believe that he had left her for someone else. She couldn’t allow him to disappear without a word of explanation, however, mainly as she had spent over 300,000 yuan on him, so Wang began amateur sleuthing, and in the process discovered that her estranged ex’s identification card listed “him” as a female.

The shocking revelation caused Wang to re-examine their entire relationship, notably the lack of intercourse. She told Chinese media that Qian was flat chested, did not look like a woman, and would always use the men’s restrooms while they were out in public together.

Wang traveled to Haikou to confront Qian’s parents over what she felt was a financial scam, but they called her a liar and claimed that she was falsely accusing Qian due to a financial dispute. However, the father did refer to Qian as “his only daughter, told the media that she had been a “tomboy” from childhood and enjoyed dressing up in men’s clothes. He added that it was only a “hobby” for her, and claimed that she had not deceived Wang in any way. Qian’s parents refuse to help Wang track her down, and her whereabouts are still unknown.

Wang is considering legal action to get her money back claiming that Qian scammed her for financial gain.

Interestingly, a similar story made news headlines in China two years ago. Back then, a man managed to trick no less than 11 men into thinking he was a woman, with some of them actually marrying “her”. The master con-artist also managed to disappear with large sums of money stolen from “her” victims.

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via Shanghaiist

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