Coolest Finds of the Week #43

The Myths and Wonders of Lake Titicaca (Environmental Graffiti)

New World’s Largest Kebab Is Made from 7 Cows (So

Deep-Fried Breakfast Cereal Is One Bizarre Meal (Laughing Squid)

Artist Creates Rihanna Portrait Out of 50,000 Light Bright Pegs (Rob Surette)

Probably the World’s Coolest Wine Rack (I Heart Chaos)

Stuntman Becomes First Person to Tightrope Over Niagara Falls (Guardian)

Cupcake Tank Fires Delicious Projectiles (Wired)

Finally: The Bed That Makes Itself (YouTube)

The Fragile Beauty of Glen Canyon (Environmental Graffiti)

Cooked Squid Inseminates Woman’s Tongue, Cheek and Gums (IO9)

Photo: Cupcakes Take the Cake

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