Coolest Finds of the Week #46

American Woman Loves to Eat Rocks (Metro)

20 Most Incredible Lenticular Clouds (Environmental Graffiti)

Horrific Meals at Beijing’s Penis Restaurant (Asia Obscura)

$165,000 Ferrari Has a Leather Exterior (Elite Daily)

Video of Man Using Piranha as Scissors Goes Viral (YouTube)

Cosmetic Surgery to Beat “Toe-besity” on the Rise in the US (ABC News)

German Mayor Makes Easier Parking Spots for Women (Consumerist)

Ernestine Shepherd – The 75-Year-Old Bodybuilder (The Inquisitr)

Exploring the Nuclear Complexes of the Manhattan Project (Environmental Graffiti)

Creepy Robot Mimics Human Facial Expressions (New Scientist)

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