Crazy Drinking Habits: Vodka Eyeballing

Last week I wrote about a dangerous drinking game using vodka-soaked tampons, and this week we continue the crazy drinking habits series with an equally bizarre method of consuming alcohol called vodka eyeballing.

Bet you didn’t know you can drink with your eyes, did you? Believe me, I was as shocked as you are right now, but this is apparently all the rage among daredevil teens around the world. Basically eyeballing implies pouring vodka in your eye socket, which some claim gets you drunk in record times. Just like in the case of vodka-soaked tampons, the explanation behind this bizarre drinking method has to do with alcohol being absorbed faster than the old fashioned way. However, specialists point out that only a small amount of alcohol can actually enter your system through the eye, so the claims are most likely fake.

One thing that is very real, however, is the threat of eventually going blind as a result of playing a stupid drinking game in college. People who pour alcohol in their eyes risk burning the epithelium, a delicate layer of skin protecting the eye, which in the long run can lead to infection, scarring and eventually even blindness. One optometrist went as far as to compare it with pouring bleach into your eyes. The Daily Mail reports one girl who admitted practicing vodka eyeballing numerous times in college, was left with a watering sore eye, due to vodka making its way through her cornea. An eye specialist told her future complications could result in blindness, which she now acknowledges is terrifying.


But pain and fear of blindness don’t seem to be scaring young people too much, as hundreds of them have posted videos on You Tube, chugging vodka from the bottle through the eye. Apparently the trend is becoming popular with teens from Las Vegas to Great Britain.


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