Creepy Allegedly Possessed Doll Terrorizes Singapore Residents

Singapore is a rather peaceful place in general, but a recent development is actually scaring the living daylights out of residents. It all started when someone discovered an abandoned doll on the side of a busy street. If you’ve watched your share of horror flicks, you probably know exactly how scary dolls can be.

The particular doll is as creepy as they come – you only need to take one look at its picture to realize something’s not right about it. It was found clad in a very shabby-looking stained lace dress, with an equally filthy face that was blindfolded. The cloth covering its eyes had Arabic writing on it, which translates to ‘bismillah’, or ‘in the name of Allah’. Rumor has it that the blindfold keeps the devil inside the doll in check; if you undo it, you invoke the curse and the doll will follow you home.


Pictures of the doll with and without the blindfold were posted on Reddit, and the story soon became an internet sensation. According to the post that accompanied the pictures, the doll is possessed – it can move on its own, and is sometimes heard talking in a woman’s voice. “Some say that the doll can be heard talking when it’s left alone in a room and is found with its head turned in a different direction. It is said that it spoke in a Malay language and it sounded like an adult female.”


“Original owner found that the only way to get rid of it and make sure it won’t come back is to cover its eyesight,” the Reddit poster wrote. “The curse is rumored to have passed on to someone else who found it and untied the cloth unknowingly. Turns out the Arabic thing meant ‘bismillah’. I think it’s to trap whatever jinn or curse is inside from coming out or following the owner back home. Others speculate it is a product of black magic.”


Reddit users have reacted to the post in a variety of ways – some are cynical while others are offering advice on how to destroy the doll. “Burn the F*****G doll,” wrote one user. Another suggested an alternative method to get rid of it: “Here’s what you do, you pour liquid nitrogen on it, run it over with a massive tractor. If it’s still not dead, you glue it with industrial glue into a steel box and bury that shit under a quarry.”

After extreme reactions started to pour in, the original poster edited his message with a disclaimer: “Nothing here should be taken seriously as I don’t have any valid or scientific proof of it. It was all rumors by words of mouth and on the internet. I’m just sharing it.”


The dolls whereabouts are currently unknown, it has been reported missing ever since the pictures came out. A few bizarre incidents were linked to the disappearance of the doll – a freaky suicide and a murder case – but most Singaporeans believe that they might just be a coincidence.

Sources: Reddit, India Today

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