Displaying Cars on Rocks Is a Favorite Pastime in Saudi Arabia

The young men of Saudi Arabia’s Abha region have a rather peculiar pastime: they like to build rock structures on which they display their cars.

Abha, a city in south-western Saudi Arabia has a moderate climate and features green landscape which make it a popular getaway for tourists from all over the country and other neighboring lands. Over 1.5 million people come to spend their weekends and vacations here, and that number is about to grow thanks to a new and intriguing attractions – the unique car displays in the countryside around Abha.

Some people love to race their cars, others like to take them for a drive around the countryside, but for the young car enthusiasts that gather on the outskirts of Abha it doesn’t get any better than building rock platforms on which to display their automobiles. They spend hours collecting the right rocks and arranging them to form the perfect display structure. They place rocks under the vehicle by using  a car jack, and also around, or instead of the wheels. The phenomenon has become really popular and people have started coming from distant cities in Saudi Arabia just to see the unique car displays of Abha or create their own.

Either I have no idea what a cool hobby is, or these young Saudis are really bored.





Photos via alrassxp